Cancer treatments center for cancer and tumors, natural medicine, complementary and integrative medicine, specilialists in hyperthermia, psychotherapy, colon irrigation, oxygen therapy, ozono therapy and homeopathic remedies


Welcome to the Cancer treatment center Biomedic !

We are glad to introduce you in Malaga, Costa del Sol (Sun coast), Spain, our International Natural Health Centre. We are a team of health professionals: physicians, nurses, naturopaths, psychoterapists and other therapists from different fields who are devoted to provide treatments of integrative medicine and natural therapies.

Integrative and complementary Medicine, Natural Therapies and natural medicine have an integral and causal vision. Our target is to trigger the human body self-healing, strengthening it at all levels to fight any health condition, specially cancer, in a natural and wholistic way.


Cancer treatments center,hyperthermia,psychotherapy,colon irrigation,oxygen therapy

Complementary medicine, therapies and treatments for cancer . 

Local and Body Hyperthermia, Magnetic Pulses, Ozonetherapy, Psychotherapy, Homeopathy, Hidrocolonics, etc. We treat tumors and Autoimmune Disorders with natural remedies.

Natural treatments center for tumours and natural therapies for chronic diseases, Biomedic clinic

Chronic and Degenerative Diseases treated to improve your quality of life minimizing the side-effects of the conventional medicine.


The reasons why you will benefit from our natural therapies and complementary programs:

  • Our mission is to offer an effective response to a wide variety of chronic and serious diseases.
  • We offer natural therapies more efficient and suitable for any case.
  • We use innovative medical technologies to carry out our treatments with better results.
  • Our team is highly qualified and have a human ability to deal with every case giving a personalized and human care.

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Cancer treatments center specialist in hyperthermia, psychotherapy, colon irrigation, oxygen therapy, homeopathy

Our clinic in Spain

Our centre has available avanced resources for our treatments, programs and therapies. We have highly qualified staff at your entire service. We offer a personalized service since every patient has their own particularities and every person needs a special solution for their case.

Take responsability for your wellbeing, and we take care of the rest for you.