We are an Oncological and Integrative Clinic specialised in Natural Medicine, complementary clinical treatments, nutrition and psychotherapy, with a comprehensive vision of health. We understand natural treatments as an important part of the treatment of different types of diseases.

We analyze deeply every case and every patient so that we can give the best solution for his/her ailment or disease. In many cases natural medicine alongside with integrative and general medicine, are the possible solution, so we can achieve the patient’s satisfaction and therefore ours in treating each case of illness that could be finally reduced or minimized after our treatments.



The term, natural medicine, involves many factors, therapies and mechanisms, and our clinic focuses on some of the main:
  • Phytotherapy: we use products, remedies and compounds of plants, which are usually called medicinal plants and have been used for centuries. Nowadays and thanks to the technological advances, these compounds are much more effective and their elaboration is much more precise.
  • Naturopathy: that stimulates the body and mind to stimulate our own defenses, and thus, it triggers the necessary mechanisms to strengthen the immune system.


Although many argue that natural medicine works on its own, our experience leads us to the conclusion that by itself it is not fully sufficient and must be combined with other treatments, including, of course, conventional medical treatments in some ocassions. Our clinic has cutting-edge therapies such as:
  • Hyperthermia treatment.
  • Colon hydrotherapy.
  • Oxygentherapy, when combined with hyperthermia is really effective. Dr. Eudoxia Lopez is a specialist in this therapy.
  • Ozonotherapy, which is a form of oxygentherapy with disinfectant properties.
  • Neural Therapy, to treat pain and other symptoms, Dr. Maria Eudoxia Lopez Peral is also our specialist in this field .


Both mood and nutritional status are two other aspects that need to be controlled and maintained. This phase of treatment is the one that the patient must carry out some maintenance for a longer time and even in some cases the patient will have to change their habits completely. The main psychological therapies we use are:
  • Psychoemotional Pair, to keep the body and our state of mind balanced and (positive thinking and will power to reach any goal that is suggested).
  • Emotional release therapy, for those who carry a problem that they have not been able to solve on their own.
  • Psychotherapy and synchronization of hemispheres. A proper mental balance to avoid stress and anxiety and release the emotions involved.


The nutritional part we do mainly with the following diets:
  • Budwig Diet, a diet used worldwide that improves the state of the body in general.
  • Alkaline diet, antioxidant diet which regulates the pH levels all over the body.

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Biomedic Clinic is constantly renewing itself to be updated to new techniques and scientific discoveries.

Kindness and good know-how are key factors of our team of professionals, physicians specialized in homeopathy and oncology, psychoterapists and natural therapists. We offer a familiar and warm environment that makes you feel confortable and optimistic. Natural Medicine is focused on the concept that every person can heal itself if mind and body are working together. That’s why the right environment is important to make the patients feel comfortable to receive the therapies so they can be more beneficial for them.

Frequently we find patients tired of receiving treatments clinic after clinic with a wrong approach because symptons are treated instead of psychosomatic causes.

With us patients will have a proper care and guide during all the process of healing and they are treated and understood like they deserve.

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