Why choosing our clinic of integrative and natural medicine? Protocol of patients

Our oncology center bases its treatments and programs on the integration of natural medicine, homeopathy, an adequate diet, psychoterapy and clinical treatments shuch as hyperthermia treatment, colon hydrotherapy and other effective therapies.

The combination of these therapies and treatments in an appropiate manner to each case and each patient is our hallmark, and the key to the success of both our clinic and our method.

integrative medicine, natural medicine

How does our protocol work?

These are the steps we follow for every one of our patients.

In most cases, there is practically no adverse effect of our therapies since they are based on a total respect to the natural processes of the human body. In many cases our patients experience a marked improvement depending on their previous health status and, of course, on the degree of progression of their disease. In general terms our patients also experience an improvement in their quality of life and life expectancy. Our procedures are carried out under international quality standards using the best techniques and technology available.