Acupuncture: the Best ally for the in vitro fertilization (IVF)

The main problem that women have to face when they are undergoing in vitro fertilization is regarding to embryo implantation. Three factors are key ones to avoid this complication:

  • Good quality of embryos
  • Endometrial receptivity
  • An adequate relation between both factors

Embryo has not the same proteins as the mother’s womb, and it is considered as a strange body so the immunological system reacts. This is the reason why it is necessary the mother’s immune system allows the right growth of the embryo.

When there is no imbalance or complications in the Immune System, and the embryo is of good quality, there would not be a reason why in vitro fertilization fails, but unfortunately there is.

For that reason, we focused our attention on acupuncture as a solution to solve this inconvenience. We have read a research about a medical investigation in which 84 women were analyzed. A prospective, randomized controlled clinical trial was conducted with them, who had had at least two unsuccessful attempts of IVF. The patients were randomized in three groups: control (28), sham (Simulated Acupuncture as placebo, 28) and real acupuncture (28). So there were 28 women treated with real acupuncture and 28 with a fake treatment of acupuncture.

The results were revealing and showed that the number of women getting a pregnancy in the group of treated with acupuncture was comparatively higher than those of control or sham group. It is a share of 35.7% pregnancy rate in the group of the 28 women treated with acupuncture versus 7.1% in the control group and 10.7% in the sham acupuncture group.

Undoubtedly these data give some hope to the parents who are waiting for having a baby for a long time. In Biomedic Center we treat with acupuncture several diseases and disorders, so you can contact us to inform about this therapy. We will be pleased to assist you.

Acupuncture improves IVF results

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