Advises on Health: Contraindications of Cow Milk and dairy products of animal origin

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6 Reasons why cow milk and any other type of milk from animals are harmful for our health and body:

  1. Cow milk in particular and milk from animals in general have too much hormones and chemical substances, because daily they administer to cows sexual hormones and antibiotics during all the animal’s life so they can produce milk all year long and seem to be apparently healthy. This way we are consuming estrogens and progesterone (feminine hormones) when drinking milk. This can cause dysfunctions in the hormonal balance of the body.
  2. This type of milk increases the risk of getting certain types of cancer: higher proportions of estrogens in milk increase this risk. A study from the Harvard University showed that women between 26 and 46 years-old who drink cow milk daily, have a greater risk of having breast cancer. For men, several studies also showed that there is a strong link between cow milk consumption and prostate cancer.
  3. The bones are weaker with cow milk consumption: though traditionally cow milk has been associated to strong bones, a study published by the “British Medical Journal” revealed that women who drink daily 3 glasses of water or more have a 60% more risk to suffer from hip fractures when they turn into certain age and therefore osteoporosis appears. In reality, milk has low proportion of calcium and not enough magnesium to fix that calcium in the bones. Therefore cow or animal milk is not helpful for the maintenance of bone density.
  4. The consumption of milk can provoke acne: milk stimulates the development of acne linked to the production of hormones. Dairy products have high glycemic levels (which make glucose levels higher) are one of the factor of acne.
  5. You may be lactose Intolerance and you even don’t know it, because you haven’t been diagnosed yet. Three of every four people lack of an enzyme which is able to digest cow milk. A study reported that 33% of people with migraines or asthma improve their ailment when they eliminate milk from their diet, in particular cow milk. Normally when we get older we generate less and less those enzymes that metabolize lactose, so it is a question of time to become lactose intolerant.
  6. The last reason is more philosophical: we are the only species on Earth that drinks milk from different species after our breastfeeding period. Any other specie does not that. Our nature is not genetically compatible with any natural product designed to fit its own specie: this way, cow milk is for veal calves (cow babies) and not for the purpose of nurturing human beings. The same applies to other dairy products.

For these main reasons, it is recommended eliminating progressively dairy products from our diet if we want to minimize risk factors and above all if we have already ailments that can be worsened by the consumption of these products of animal origin.

In Biomedic Clinic we recommend the consumption of milk of vegetable origin such as oat, coco and almond milk.

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