Annual complementary treatment for cancer

Natur 10×4 is divided into 4 cycles of 10 days each in which we combined local and systemic hyperthermia, intravenous oxygen therapy and antiproliferative Homeopathy called Micro-Immuno Therapy.

This program is created because we know that we usually cannot reverse any cancer process with just one cycle of hyperthermia though a great tumor destruction is taken place. Normally the tumor is reactivated after a few months. Thus, it is necessary to carry out several cycles of these therapies to achieve results in the long run so we are able to attack the tumors with the combination of heat and oxygen alongside with natural remedies to control several cancer factors. If during this period the patient is receiving conventional therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the effects can double or even more in some cases and at the same time the healthy cells can recover sooner from the adverse side effects of those conventional therapies.

Complementary Cancer Treatment for 1 year divided into 4 three-months cycles of 10 days each.

Total Annual Cost for Natur 10×4: € 19,600.00


What does this program include?

  1. Preliminary Medical Consultation: in which we assess every case according to the medical reports and information provided by the patient and then we inform him/her about the therapies to be applied and their effectiveness.
  2. Deep Local Hyperthermia Treatment: Local Hyperthermia sessions are administered every day in which heat (radio-frequency) is induced locally and directly to the affected area.
  3. One session of Full Body Hyperthermia: to detoxify the body so we get rid of the toxins freely circulation in the blood stream and lymphatic system. Free radicals are also eliminated and the immune system is highly stimulated to fight tumor cells. In some cases is contraindicated according to the doctors’ criteria.
  4. Anti-proliferative Program with Micro-Immuno Therapy: with a length of more than 7 months using homeopathic master formulas specially prepared for us following our indications. The purpose of these is to cover many cancer factors such as malignant angiogenesis (the creation of blood vessels around to tumor to feed it), apoptosis (the stimulation of self-termination function within tumor cells), oncogenesis (the inhibition of expression of tumor gens), the inhibition of metastasis, the stimulation of the DNA repair and cell cycling mechanism and provinding anti-inflammatory effects. The medicines within this program are provided to be taken at home for the next 7 months.

Procedure for our Program Natur 10×4

As soon as the patient comes to the clinic, a medical consultation is taking place to assess every case in person also for the purpose of explaining the procedure. Then we perform the first Oxithermia (Hyperthermia + IV Oxygen Therapy) session in which we combine heat induced by radio-frequency and intravenous oxygen called also “Oxyvenation”.

This program is carried out in 2 weeks, exactly in 10 working days. This program is subjected to changes according to the doctors’ criteria and the special case. In the preliminary consultation we provided consent letters to inform the patient in black and white and they must sign them to be sure that everything is understood. So, three consent letters will be handed, one for each therapy so the patient can be properly informed about the indications and contraindications about every therapy.

When indicated full body hyperthermia will be administered during 10 days program.

After every cycle of 10 days, a medical report will be handed informing about all the administered therapies with general recommendations to be followed at home in relation to diet, stress control and lifestyle as important factors in any tumor process. You will also receive the homeopathic medicines for more than 7 months to control jointly the above mentioned cancer factors (Micro-Immuno Therapy Program).

Repetition cycles with Natur 10×4 program

To complete this annual program, the cycles must be repeated every three months in which checkups are carried out to assess the progression and some tests must be done (blood tests and scans) in order to assess the improvements of every patient. In every consultation new courses of action may be considered if it is necessary. In the 3rd cycle the homeopathy anti-proliferative program can be renewed for 7 months more since these natural medicines are usually very effective to control the tumor activity

The financing of the annual treatment

Annual complementary treatment for cancer, payment condition

Annual complementary treatment for cancer, payment condition

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Payment conditions for the treatment of Oxythermia + Homeopathy Natur 10×4:

After paying the first payment of 4,900.00 euros for the first cycle of OXITERMIA + HOMEOPATHY, there is the possibility of paying the rest of the annual program in 9 months or installments with a monthly payment of 1,633.00 euros.

Those patients who do not need accommodation must inform us since this program includes this service and we will deduct the value of the accommodation of the price of this program.

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In case of cancellation before starting a program, we will give the funds back except accommodation fees since the reservation would be paid to third parties.

In case the ongoing treatment is suspended, the price of the therapies that are not administered will be refunded except the accommodations fees.