Artepillin-C: Anti Cancer and Anti Leukemia Natural Substance

anti cancer, anti leukemia natural


Anti Cancer and Anti Leukemia natural element


The Artepillin-C (Phenolic Acid), as an active element of Brazilian Propolis, fights leukemia and Cancer. This natural compound when applied to certain human leukemia cells (T-cells, B-cells), myeloid and monocytic leukemia, and even non-myeloid and non-lymphoid cell lines in vitro, shows a great cytotoxic power and induces them to Apoptosis (Cell Death) in all the lines. The best response corresponds to Leukemia T-Cells.

After application of Artepillin-C to all the cell lines, a cellular fragmentation was taken place in all cell lines. Such disintegration was found microscopically. The apoptosis in Leucemia cells has been partially associated with the loss of mitochondrial membrane and tumor necrosis factor (TNF).

On the contrary, the Artepillin-C did not inhibit the normal lymphocyte activity and there was NOT any cytotoxic effect against them.

These results suggest that Phenolic Acid, as an active element in Brazilian Propolis, has anti-leukemic properties, and a selective action against these cell lines safeguarding normal immune system cells.

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