Autogenic Training –  Tumour Treatment

A progressive physical and mental relaxation to prevent and heal psychosomatic illnesses

The Autogenic Training is a relaxation technique that was created by Johannes H. Schultz before the Second World War in 1932. It is highly recommended for illnesses with a great psychosomatic component like tumour, cardiovascular and infectious diseases since it helps to release and eliminate stress and anxiety very effectively. Therefore, the Autogenic Training treats psychosomatic diseases like cancer and other ailments.

During each session of Autogenic Training as Tumour Treatment, the therapist can induce positive visualisations to relax every group muscles. The mind has to focus its consciousness on those muscles so a great sensation of being loose and free can be felt by the patient. Also the practitioner can induce kinesthetic sensations such as feeling warmth or cold, heavyness or lightness to remove any inner tension stored in different parts of our body. So the Autogenic Training can create the proper environment for self-transformation and healing.

Highly indicated for pain relief in cancer patients

We can achieve a very deep physical and mental relaxation using this technique that can lead us to the Alpha State of mind, when our brain emits between 14 and 8 cicles of second of brain frequency. A State which can be used to enter in a very deep meditation where we can use the creative visualisation to recreate all the mental conditions to transform ourselves within what it can be a proper response to heal ourselves at many levels, not only physically but also psychologically and spiritually.

This technique creates balance in our body and mind enhancing the autonomous nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic sub-systems provoking a lower blood pressure, a calm heart rate, promoting the bowel movements and digestion and empowering our immune system. This way this technique can prevent us from having a great number of diseases like cancer, depression, cardiovascular, infectious diseases and so on.

Regression Therapy as Complementary Tumour Treatment

Regression Therapy as Complementary Tumour Treatment


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