Bioresonance, therapeutic method


It’s an alternative diagnostic and therapeutic method which is based on the vibration of the matter, and this is different for every kind of matter. The same way, the living matter also emits electromagnetic waves which identify it in a particular way. According to these principles, illness would be “a biophysical imbalance” which is expressed with a particular and distorted vibration in its electromagnetic field. Using this method, our bio-resonance machines can capture any distortion in the electromagnetic field of our body, to get a diagnosis, and then, it sends to the body balanced frequencies to normalize and treat that imbalance, as a vibrational treatment.

The Bio-resonance is based on “quantum discoveries” about the electrical and electromagnetic field of the atom, with studies such as “Theory of Cell Oscillation” of Georges Lakhovsky (1870-1942), theory that is supported by Nobel Prizes like Ilva Prigogine (Chemistry Nobel Prize) and remarkable scientists in physics like Herbert Fröhlich and Frits-Albert Popp, who stated that the cells emit electromagnetic fields to communicate one another.

This way when a group of cells emit distorted or incorrect oscillations and they are maintained during a period of time, they can provoke pathological reactions in a form of different illnesses. These methods of Bio-Resonance identify these distorted electromagnetic emissions and neutralize them sending restoring opposite balanced vibrations, first at electromagnetic level and secondly at biophysical level.

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