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This process consists of extracting very volatile parts from a terpene compound extracted from a essential oil of pine resin and peroxide, with the purpose of producing a new oxygenation catalyst prepared to be inhaled. The bio-catalyser when is inhaled, plays the role of a super-transmitter in the cell metabolism, reinforcing cell breathing. The process is similar to photosynthesis in plants.

The air we breath, when is diffused into the blood, is fixed by the haemoglobin, which serves as a mean of transport. But the haemoglobin only liberates its contents under certain special conditions of temperature, ph, CO2 content, etc. If those conditions are altered, the haemoglobin will not be able to liberate the oxygen to the cells of the body. Free radicals, stress, emotional tension, environmental pollution, unhealthy habits such tobacco, alcohol, colorants and processed food, sedentary life among other factors can change the above conditions to deliver oxygen to the cells of the body.

As a result of the lack of oxygen in the tissues there is a reduction in energy production and the biochemical processes of assimilation and transformation of the nutrients are not correctly completed. Debris, waste and residues will not be properly eliminated, causing gradually intoxication in the organism.

The brain and the rest of the central nervous system, which are the major consumers of oxygen, are the first to be affected. This process of degeneration produces alarm signals such us chronic fatigue, nervousness, memory failures and the rest of all corporal functions will be reduced gradually if the present situations continues.


The biocatalytic Respiration has the following main physiological benefits after a session of 6 minutes:

  • 100% of improvement in blood cells circulation
  • 20% of free radicals are eliminated
  • The hepatic (liver) congestion is reduced upto a 30%
  • Cardiovascular stress reduced upto a 35%

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Biocatalytic Breathing for Cell Oxygenation

The Jacquier Air Bowl is a quick and simple machine for a better assimilation of the oxygen we normally breathe. We can survive just a few minutes without breathing. Our body is made up of 62% oxygen and none of our cells can work without it. Oxygen is vital. It is the basis of all metabolisms. Our brain is the biggest user of oxygen: up to 10 times more than any  muscle in the body. A lack of oxygen, even minimal, at cellular level can cause a myriad of ailments such us chronic fatigue, nervousness, memory loss, heart palpitations or vascular problems, anorexia or bulimia, sexual problems, etc.

Nowadays, we are bearing difficult environment and unhealthy conditions that prevent us from having a proper cell respiration.  Professor Jacquier was a student of Griquard (Nobel Prize winner in organic chemistry) and invented the famous Jacquier Air Bowl which allows us to optimize our oxygen intake without danger or addiction. This technique is ideal to both prevent and to cure oxygen deficiencies and allows us to reinforce medical treatments as a adjuvant therapy. Just a few minutes of inhalation are equivalent to a walk for hours surrounded by the nature.

The sensation is quite pleasant and an opening of the thoracic cavity is felt immediately.

After 6 minutes of Biocatalytic Breathing you will feel your lungs and breathing are clean and cleansed with a nice pleasant sensation.

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