Blood oxygenation, detoxification therapy

Definition of the Blood Oxygenation UV therapy

This therapy consists of extracting the blood from the patient to treat it with Ultraviolet Radiation (concretely UV-C) using a radiating device that emits this frequency of light and then the irradiated blood is re-injected to the patient’s veins.

How does the UV Oxygenation and detoxification in blood work in the body?

The main purpose of this therapy is to improve the micro-circulation of the blood helping the oxygen to reach all the corners of the body so the cells can consume oxygen more efficiently, improving also its absorption. The UV radiation activates oxygen molecules and other blood components to optimize their physiological function. We have another desirable effect which is the elimination of all the pathogenic microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungus, protozoa, etc.) that are freely circulating through the blood stream.

This therapy can be combined for higher results with Intravenous Oxygen Therapy since the UV radiation can activate the oxygen molecules injected and those that are already in the blood stream, intensifying the effects of disinfection and oxygenation.

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  • Organic Circulatory ailments in arteries and veins, in the brain and heart.
  • Functional Circulatory ailments (migraines, Raynaud Syndrome).
  • Mellitus Diabetes.
  • Lipid Metabolic Ailments.
  • All type of infections, chronic and acute ones (bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc.)
  • Complementary and Support Therapy in all type of cancer. Cancer Coadjutant Therapy.

Dosage and duration of treatment

The treatment consists of 6 or 10 sessions. Firstly two sessions per week are carried out for three weeks. Then it would be one session per week. The number of weeks depends on doctor’s prescription for every case. After the program of 6 or 10 sessions, a session per month is fair enough for maintenance purposes so the treatment can have good results in the long run.

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  • Photosensitivity (Light UV-C)
  • Acute Bleeding and hemophilia.
  • Fever of Unknown Origin (FUO).
  • Hyperthyroidism.