The Body Instrospection Training as Natural Tumoral Treatment

This technique is a guided instrospective meditation to perform an amazing journey inside the human body to create in our body a proper response that can lead us to the recovery. Depending on the persistancy of the patient, we can achieve good results and control cancer up to the extent of dissolving tumors.

Through an induced imaginery we create mental images that leads to the realization of the desirable effect in our body. It is proven that when we focus our consciouness to the area affected with a tumor, there are many sensations in that area as though it’s been affected by an external therapy. Normally, there is a nice pleasant sensation ( through a great deliverance of endorphines to the blood stream) which provoked in the patient a boost in the immune system.

It is highly recommended in patient with cancer. We use a combination of different techniques from different therapies and psychological approaches in which the key factor is our imagination used in this Autogenic Training,  Pranayama (Breathing Light Meditation), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Ho`ponopono, Psychodinamic Therapy, Phosphenism and Emotional Freedom Therapy among others.

The Body Introspection Training for Natural Tumoral Treatment is an internal journey within our body to visit different organs and glands that are involved in the biological program of cancer. Thus, we need to create an image of a psycho-endoscopy, so we can build a clear image of the tumor inside the organ affected, this way we can focus our minds on that target. We can use the light of the phosphene (a Retinal impression created and remained within our brain after staring at a source of light several minutes) to be used as a source of psychic-radiotherapy, this way we can apply that phosphene over the tumor and it’s proven that that provokes in the patient an instant effect in a form of a bearable pain, crawling sensation or vibration.

Then we need address to the tumor as it is an entity with some kind of consciousness since it is a certain life form to send it a strong message to provoke in it its self-destruction. Afterwards we create the images how that tumor is doing that. After doing that, our consciousness experiences an expansion with a great pleasant sensation as though we are achieving what we are intending.

The last steps of this guided meditations have the purpose of programming our subconscious to continue with this healing process in our place meanwhile we are doing another thing or even better while we are sleeping at night, since at that moment, when our consciousness is totally resting, our subconscious mind can execute all the automatic routines without interference.

The effectiveness of this introspection is according to the motivation and persistance of the patient and in all cases the improvement is remarkable that can be more durable according to the frequency we practice this powerful technique.

The power of the focused intention is magnificent and we can achieve great realizations everytime we can maintain positive thinking focused on a specific target.

David López

Psychotherapy at Biomedic Center

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