Breakthrough in the field of Stem Cells, Keys to ageing or cell damage

stem cells, keys cell damage

Spanish Scientists discover how adult cells can go back to an embryonic state to be reprogrammed and able to turn into any tissue they are implanted.

A team of the Oncology Research National Center in Spain, has discovered how the cells can be reprogrammed to turn themselves back into the phase in which they were pluri-potential stem cells, this way they can transform themselves again into new specific cells in any part of the body. Indeed, following the studies of Japanese scientist Dr. Shinya Yamanaka in 2006 in which the cell biology clock can be reversed, this Spanish group of scientists implanted a set of 4 genes which were able to convert an adult cell from any tissue into a stem cell so it can recover its regenerative abilities.

When cells are damaged, they emit chemical signals to the surrounding cells to enhance reprogramming so they can have regenerative properties back. Among these chemical signals, we can find the so-called “Interleukines-6”, which are chemical mediators to achieve the desirable reprogramming in the adjacent cells to increase their regenerative power. Thus, when a tissue is physiologically damaged (due to ageing or a tumor process), the body response to regenerate it consists of the adjacent cells reprogramming to face this damage, repairing the tissue accordingly.

In future lines of research they are going to experiment on how this process can treat cancer and other degenerative diseases (a process opposite to cell regeneration) to reverse these processes with the desirable reprogramming.

In Biomedic Clinic, we use Interleukines 6 and 8 (IL-6 and 8) in homeopathic dosage to stimulate and inform the Immune System about the protective action they have to accomplish against tumor and degenerative processes. These chemical mediators carry out an essential task to regulate stem cells generation and reintroduce apoptosis function within the faulty cells, so they can terminate themselves naturally and are able to give away to new brand new cells that repair the damaged tissue.

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