Dr Budwig and The development of Oxygen Treatments

dr budwig, oxygen treatments

The Budwig diet can oxygenize our cells

Dr Budwig designed a highly oxygenating diet by using omega 3 and 6 from flax plants, not only from seeds but also from the oil extracted. This plant can help red cells to transport oxygen all over the body and absorbed it by the rest of the cells for their own processes. Flax is like a magnet for oxygen (due to it is negatively charged) and it helps to normalize and balance cell metabolism starting from the cells in the intestines. The Budwig mix is the perfect mixture at their right proportions to make the absorption and digestion of its components easier. At the same time, this oxygenation also strengthens our immune system since the immune cells can work perfectly under the right concentration of oxygen to perform their task and eliminate cancer cells and pathogens.

The development of Oxygen Therapy

Since Dr Budwig died, in the last decades, several therapies and techniques with oxygen has been developing administering directly oxygen in vein or indirectly through other devices to optimize the oxygen we breathe so we are able to make the physiological processes of the body easy and above all to help other therapies to have better results and effects on the body.

We know oxygen is an essential element for all the biological processes in all living beings including humans. Its lack or insufficiency can lead to death or at least to serious problems. Hypoxia, which means low concentrations of oxygen, is behind the cause of many degenerative chronic processes in the body.

Researches undertaken on cancer cells during last century show that these ones are developed under hypoxia environment, which is causing cancer cells become anaerobic, this situation is when they can live without oxygen at all and therefore they don’t need it to perform their own processes which is exactly the opposite of what healthy cells do.

For this reason, Budwig diet alongside with other oxygen therapies can play important role as a complementary anticancer treatments, combined of course, with conventional medicine and other complementary coadjuvant therapies.

Treatments with oxygen currently most common

Following we list the most common oxygen therapy which have been developed, some of them are used by hospitals and others in private clinics like ours with very beneficial effects to treat many disorders and symptoms of diseases including cancer.

Oxygen Inhalation with oxygen source

budwig diet, oxygen therapy, Oxygen Inhalation

Through nasal prongs or mask we add directly 100% pure oxygen to the respiratory system. We can set up a low flow (under the normal flow of breath) or a high flow (above the normal flow of breath).

Oxygen Intravenous infusion (IV O2) also called “Oxyvenation”

budwig diet, oxygen therapy, Oxygen Intravenous infusion

100% pure oxygen is administered into vein for a few minutes to enrich the blood stream with an extra quantity of oxygen so we can favour cell oxygenation in large area of the body.

Intravenous and Rectal Ozone Therapy (O3 administration)

budwig diet, oxygen therapy, Intravenous and Rectal Ozone Therapy

In this case we infuse a mixture of oxygen and 5% of ozone due to its disinfectant properties. It has to be mixed with oxygen because ozone is very powerful. When Ozone is decomposed, it generates more oxygen and therefore we can achieve more oxygenation.

Biocatalytic Breathing

budwig diet, oxygen therapy, Biocatalytic breathing, respiration

We use a device to release terpenic essences which enhance lung respiration and help to eliminate free radicals from the blood stream and the oxygen bio-availability is increased to be absorbed by the cells. This technique is called catalytic because it doesn’t add more oxygen to the system but it promotes availability of the oxygen molecules for the cells.

Hyperbaric chambers

budwig diet, oxygen therapy, Hyperbaric chambers

Also called pressurized chambers since 100% pure oxygen is administered under slightly higher pressure than normal. Hyperbaric medicine has been developing over the last decades to treat infectious diseases provoked by anaerobic pathogens (microbes developed in areas with low levels of oxygen).

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Synergies and diet combined with other therapies

budwig diet, oxygen therapy

There is almost a total compatibility between Budwig diet and other oxygenation techniques or treatments and we can also find very interesting synergies with them. Biomedic Clinic offers different types of therapies which directly and indirectly can optimize the body oxygenation treating this way many health problems. The therapies offered by us are the following: Oxygen inhalation, Intravenous Oxygen and Ozone therapy, rectal ozone therapy and bio-catalytic breathing.

All these therapies, one way or another, help our body to receive more oxygen in two forms: adding externally more oxygen to our bodies, and on the other hand, optimizing the distribution of oxygen all over the body and mainly in those areas that are not receiving the right concentrations of O2 which are precisely the ones that are prone to develop tumour activity or other degenerative processes.


With dietary protocols such as Budwig Diet alongside with therapies or techniques of oxygenation at different levels we can achieve great results to normalize many biological degenerative processes in the body counteracting our oxidative stress which is present in all of them.

We can say that these therapies with oxygen are designed within conventional medicine as palliative techniques to improve the breathing function more than to treat specific diseases, on the other hand, oxygen therapies used by integrative medicine are good in-depth treatments and/or complementary ones to achieve a partial or total remission in illnesses we are focused on.

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