Budwig cancer diet, a healthy diet for patient with cancer

Budwig cancer diet, a healthy diet for patient with cancer

This type of food program was developed by the Dr Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist who lived in XX century and has a long and productive life. She was nominated for the Nobel Prize for her studies about fatty acids and developed a food protocol that was used to treat people with cancer.

Her diet is based on helping the body to regenerate and oxygenize itself by providing the right nutrients to treat the illness. It is a lacto-vegetarian diet based on the use of flaxseed seeds and oil mixed with low fat quark. Its key concept consists of changing the use of fatty acids so they can stop tumor progression.

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Budwig’s success with food

Dr Budwig had numerous success cases when applied her food protocol, even in cases of advanced cancer. Certain type of anticancer food must be included in the daily diet, and this food must be organic. This way, the body detoxifies and the cells can absorb the nutrients through the blood stream and eliminate the toxins and waste through the lymphatic system more effectively. PH levels are also essential to attain our goals since it is well-known that tumor cells are developed in an acidic environment (according to the discoveries of another Nobel prize, Otto H. Warburg), therefore an alkaline diet is a must to affect and control the tumor progression.

An alkaline environment also makes the oxygen distribution easier too, this way the oxygen can get anywhere in the body as another factor to be taken care of because it is also known that the tumor cells live in an anaerobic environment (low level or lack of oxygen terrain). Therefore if we include nutrients that help to transport and distribute oxygen all over the body we are getting an essential effect to counteract cancer.

According to the experiment of Dr Budwig with very advanced cases, we can say that this balanced diet in general and particularly too is necessary to treat cancer as another aspect to be covered, although that this is not enough to get final results. That’s why we combine this nutritional approach with other anticancer therapies.

On the other hand, performing any conventional and/or complementary treatment without a suitable food program is a mistake since the lack of it can promote tumor activity counteracting the effectiveness of the other therapies applied and getting this way very poor results or even worse, because after a certain period of time, the tumor can come back more aggressively creating metastasis.

Combining the Budwig diet with conventional and/or integrative treatments is a right decision, since this way we can cover many aspects of the illness at the same time, starting with the more coherent and basic one, which is our food. The father of the Western Medicine Hippocrates, used to say,: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” and this is the best advice ever.

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