Vitamin D and cancer according to Dr. Budwig

Vitamin D and cancer

Within the Budwig protocol, we do not have only the Budwig diet but also other aspects in relation to certain aspects to be considered. One of them is the importance of vitamin D for the immune system and the body in general. The most natural way of obtaining this vitamin is with sunbathing, daily if it is possible but keeping in mind certain considerations to avoid problems (considerations such as protection from sun radiation, best time for sunbath and duration of exposure). It is also possible to obtain this vitamin from certain supplements and natural remedies.

Without having conclusive studies, we practicably know that all cancer patients have normally a deficiency of this vitamin. In fact, normalizing these levels can become an efficient method to prevent certain types of cancer such as breast and colon cancer.

Many oncological centers all over the world know that there is a causal link between vitamin D levels and the incidence of certain types of cancer. Thus, it would be reasonable to think that monitoring these levels can help us to take the necessary measures to treat that aspect.

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What are the best options to take vitamin D?

Sun bathing

budwig protocol, vitamin d, cancer, sun bathing

Concretely vitamin D3 is essential for many physiological processes even at cell level so they have a normal functioning. Sunlight has different wavelength or types of radiation, but the variety of sun rays which can help us to have normal levels of vitamin D3 is UVB, UVA are the damaging ones. There are certain time of the day and seasons of the year when UVB are more present. This wavelength is the suitable one to induce the transformation of certain fat compounds into this precious vitamin. We have also to avoid sunburns that even can create skin cancer. Being careful we have to spend between 5 and 10 minutes per day and increasing up to 20 minutes daily.

Sun exposure can vary depending on the type of skin, its pigmentation can determine the time of exposure, so darker skin can spend more time under the sun up to half an hour.

The inclination of the sun radiation is another factor and this has to be higher of 50% to receive a greater amount of UVB so that it can stimulate the vitamin production in the body. When the inclination is less, the benefits are lower. This way, in winter there are less UVB rays because this inclination level of sun radiation. The latitudes of location can also determine the concentration of the desirable radiation. In temperate areas of the planet between spring and autumn we can obtain better UVB radiation than in the rest of the year. Living in cold areas of the planet is a problem because of the climate and the sun inclination both don’t allow us having the desirable radiation. Bad climate on the other hand, make people being depressed easily and that affects the immune system, aggravating the problem of cancer. Sun is a source of life if it’s used wisely and in moderation.

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Food rich in vitamin D

Food of animal origin which are natural products

budwig protocol, vitamin d, cancer, eggs
budwig protocol, vitamin d, cancer, fish
budwig protocol, vitamin d, cancer, sushi

Eggs, organic if possible which are also rich in vitamin B12 and proteins, cod liver oil, salmon and other fishes such as mackerel, herring, sardines and tuna. If they are in the form of sushi or smoked even better, but be careful with anisakis. Though cured sausages, ham and ostriches are rich in this vitamin, they are not recommendable because of its acidity and are contraindicated for cancer patients.

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Food of vegetable origin such as

budwig protocol, vitamin d, cancer, avocado
budwig protocol, vitamin d, cancer, bananas
budwig protocol, vitamin d, cancer, carrots
budwig protocol, vitamin d, cancer, lion mane, diente leon
budwig protocol, vitamin d, cancer, orange juice

Avocado, alfalfa sprouts for salads, bananas which are also rich in fiber and potassium as intestinal and nervous regulator. Carrots also rich in vitamin A and as a medicine plant we have the lion’s mane. Orange juice contains more vitamin D (apart from vitamin C) than a glass of milk. We dissuade the consumption of this type of dairy food for cancer patients for other reasons. A glass of orange juice contains concentrated the energy of the sun in form of vitamin D and C. Mushrooms are also a good source of this precious vitamin.

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Food Supplements

budwig protocol, vitamin d, cancer, bananas

Food supplements always have to be taken under medical or specialist control since there may be certain contraindications and/or side effects. They must be used only under certain prescriptions. Dr. Johanna Budwig wasn’t very keen on using food supplements because she thought that healthy food can provide everything including vitamins. She included in her diet food and natural plants to balance the levels of vitamin D in the body. Nevertheless, in certain occasions when diet is not able to provide it properly for different reasons, it is recommendable to supplement this vitamin under qualified supervision.

Any supplement with this vitamin in its two forms D2 and D3 can be indicated, but it would be convenient to combine this vitamin with other components in the right proportion such as vitamin K2, calcium and magnesium. For example, K2 vitamin can balance the undesirable effects of an excess of vitamin D.

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Some symptoms caused by the lack or low levels of vitamin D

budwig protocol, vitamin d, cancer, bananas
budwig protocol, vitamin d, cancer, bananas
budwig protocol, vitamin d, cancer, bananas

If you are suffering from tiredness or fatigue, digestive problems, bone pain or muscle weakness, excess of perspiration and at the same time you are not able to sunbathe for any reason, you are probably deficient in vitamin D.

In cancer patients, the deficiency of this vitamin is chronic. Aging also increases the risk of having low levels of this vitamin and it is harder to assimilate properly. Almost all the cells in the body need vitamin D to have normal functionality.

Recommendations for cancer patients from Biomedic Clinic

We need to have a multidisciplinary approach, not only with a medical perspective but also nutritional and that related to the lifestyle. The psychosocial and emotional environment is essential so the patients are able to manage their stress and anxiety levels which can be very harmful for them due to their situation. A proper and balance sunbathing must be done not only to have normal levels of vitamin D but also for the purpose to have a healthy mind free from depression, stress and anxiety which can affect seriously the immune and endocrine system.

This approach allows us having a global perspective of the patient situation to tailor the combination of therapies which can be applied, having, this way, higher chances of success in treating cancer to increase our patients’ life expectancy.



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