Cancer Facts (WHO – World Health Organization)

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Cancer Facts (WHO -World Health Organization) Tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption cause about 40% of the total cancer burden worldwide. The precise figures vary from country to country. If the consequences of inappropriate diet, obesity and insufficient physical activity are added, the percentage of cancers due to an unhealthy lifestyle rises to 60%. Although [...]

Complementary Medicine – Alternative Therapies Center

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Complementary Medicine - Alternative Therapies Center Biomedic Clinic is a very dynamic institution of health which is compound by people prepared to face the challenges of every disease giving the correct answer with an efficient combination of therapies, our know how, our innovative technologies and our human quality in a environment devoted to our [...]

Welcome – Biomedic Center

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Welcome - Biomedic Center!! Welcome - Biomedic Center! Dear patients, I am glad to introduce you in Malaga, Spain, our most innovative treatments for tumor diseases and other ailments. It is obvious to think that the natural methods strengthen our defenses and help our body to find the self-healing path. The treatment of repetitive and [...]