A very important part of our Integrative Treatments corresponds to our Tests and Analysis of chemical resistance or sensitivity. This is a molecular test about all the resistance factors against certain chemotherapeutic drugs through chemical tolerance markers and the genetic analysis of specific fraction of tumor cells.

If resistances are showed against certain drugs according to these tests, we have to recommend not using them, since they can create adverse chemical reaction.

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What results can we obtein with the chemotherapy test?

The results can reveal certain contraindications more or less serious to use those chemotherapeutic drugs because otherwise they can lead to a great worsening of the patient’s state. This analysis also shows what compounds are highly recommended due to its low sensitivity or resistance of cancer cells.

In this test, possible therapies are listed in three blocks as follows:

  • Therapies with low or reduced sensitivity or resistance: an analysis of molecular markers shows a good response to the therapy.
  • Therapies with medium level of sensitivity or resistance: the molecular markers indicate medium sensitivity to those chemotherapeutic drugs.
  • Therapies with high level of chemo-resistance or sensitivity: molecular markers indicating an adverse biological response from cancer cells against certain type of drugs.

According to these three possibilities, we can find that a specific inhibitor of angiogenesis (proliferation of blood vessels), for example Avastin, can be indicated or not for a patient depending on his/her chemo-resistance against it.
Another example is the inhibitors of estrogen receptors, like Tamoxifen which can have a good or positive response in cases of breast cancer because they usually are hormone-dependent, being included in the first group of therapies.

On the other hand, other inhibitors such as tyrosine kinase may not have a good expression according to the genetic of tumor cells and therefore they may not be adequate for a treatment. In this case we are talking about the third possibility and it is better not to use it.

In Biomedic Clinic, we recommend to perform this test to have valuable information about the tumor response to some drugs. If you have a question, contact us and we will answer you kindly.

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