How does the colon irrigation work against chronic diseases?

colon irrigation

Colon irrigation or colon hydrotherapy can help a lot against many chronic illnesses. It can help to detoxifying the colon so we counteract the side-effects of many conventional drugs used to treat chronic diseases. It would make the absorption of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and the natural nutrients from food easier.

This therapy helps to promote the detoxification for the body after aggressive treatments and can assist the liver to metabolize all those chemical substances; however physician’s assistance is necessary to coordinate this therapy with other treatments.

Having a good care of the colon health can be very useful to treat chronic diseases because if the intestines are free from toxic substances and inflammation, they can help the liver and the lymphatic system to purify and cleansing all the body working as a great team.

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Colon irrigation as a therapeutic technique

The colon irrigation therapy is therefore a great therapeutic technique connected to the inner cleansing which never ends, since it is a question of having the right maintenance of the body allowing all its pieces to work correctly. This therapeutic tool is used successfully in ailments such as Crohn’s Disease or Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Ulcerative Colitis (UC), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), etc., in combination with other therapeutic approaches to attain satisfactory results and a better quality of life.

It is a therapy with immediate results, in the short and long run too. Their immediate and short-term results can be: lumbar and sacral decongestion, decrease of the abdominal pressure and colon volume, anti-inflammatory and calming effects, and a great detoxification with psycho-emotional effects. In the long run, we can have a great stimulation of the Immune System, a better digestion and nutrients assimilation, stimulation of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and memory, greater motility of the large intestine and vitality of the intestinal walls, etc.

It is proven that we have a second brain in the intestinal area where millions of neurons are found, this way the psychological effect of an intestinal cleansing are unquestionable, so that a great relief is noted at an emotional and mental level. It turns out we are beings in constant renovation because we are replacing tissues, cells and natural substances (like hormones and enzymes) to maintain our physiological processes which need sometimes the support or assistance of external treatments such as Hydrocolon Therapy among others.

In Biomedic Clinic, we offer colon hydrotherapy in combination with Ozone therapy directly to the colon to have more intense results when the case requires it

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