Colonic irrigation Therapy combined with ozone treatment

Colonic irrigation Therapy, ozone treatment

This combination of therapies is highly therapeutic since we can ozonize the water before the colon irrigation. This way we can have not only a great cleansing but also a good disinfection, since the ozone is a powerful bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal. Though using this combination, we are also eliminating a great amount of microbial flora, this one can be easily replaced providing to the body the right prebiotics and probiotics.

It is proven that the ozone is more than a great disinfectant because comparing with Chlorine which is toxic in certain proportions, at the same time ozone becomes into oxygen to enhance the cell breathing and does not leave residues.

How do both therapies work jointly?

Before performing the colon irrigation, the water that is going to be used for the colon hydrotherapy will go through an ionizer which adds molecules of ozone (O3 – compound of 3 linked ozone atoms) at the right proportion in medical terms to achieve our therapeutic purpose.

Then the ozonized water is leaded to the colon hydrotherapy device to perform the irrigation. This water irrigates all the sections of the colon, cleansing and disinfecting it deeply and even penetrating the colon walls to treat indirectly other related organs such as the liver, gallbladder and pancreas, and even the lung function is positively affected.

Later the ozone becomes into more oxygen (O2 – with 2 atoms of oxygen), which can be used by the cells of the colon to improve their cell breathing, preserving the alkaline environment of the intercellular intestinal spaces. This improves considerately the colon functions. The sensation is a great relaxation and inner cleansing having also psychological effects because we have a great network of millions of neurons in the intestinal area.

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Indications and Contraindications

As we said above, the joint result is a deeper cleansing and disinfection because of the ozone’s germicide action and it is a suitable treatment to fight many infections of the colon such as intestinal parasites, candidiasis or any other imbalance of the microbial flora, irritable colon, ulcerous colitis, etc.

This combined therapy also eliminates a great quantity of free radicals so it represents a great detoxification, since the ozone can combine with free radicals to eliminate them easier later. This combination has the same indications and contraindications as each one separately. To know more, click on the links below connecting to Colon Hydrotherapy and Ozone Therapy respectively:

The combination of these therapies is not indicated in case of colon cancer, however in case of infection for HIV and acute or chronic Hepatitis C is highly indicated.

How does a suitable cleansing and disinfection of the colon reflect to the rest of the organs?

Thanks to a proper colon cleansing and disinfection, many organs of the body benefit since ozonized water can penetrate the colon walls to get, indirectly to other organs such as liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys and even to the lungs so they can have a detoxification at certain level. The effects for the skin are easily perceived so that this joint therapy can relieve certain dermatological ailments such as psoriasis. In reality a healthy colon can be easily detected through the skin.

In Biomedic Clinic we recommend combining both therapies when possible according to each case so we are able to intensify the cleansing, disinfection, detoxification and anti-oxidation as desirable effects to treat many types of colon diseases except for contraindicated cases.

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