Complementary Medicine – Alternative Therapies Center

Biomedic Clinic is a very dynamic institution of health which is compound by people prepared to face the challenges of every disease giving the correct answer with an efficient combination of therapies, our know how, our innovative technologies and our human quality in a environment devoted to our patient’s wellbeing is our value put into practice.

At our Complementary Medicine and Alternative Therapies Center you can find a team of health professionals: physicians, nurses, naturopaths, psychoterapists and other therapist from different fields who are devoted to provide the best treatments possible in order to meet your requirements and realistic expectations.

It is our mission to offer an effective response to a wide variety of chronic diseases like different types of cancer and tumors, degenerative and cardiovascular diseases and so on.

We research constantly to introduce new techniques and therapies everytime more efficient and suitable for the patients. We use new and innovative medical technologies to carry out our treatments with more and better results.

Our professional team is highly qualified and have a human ability to deal with every case giving a personalized and suitable service.

Complementary Medicine - Alternative Therapies Center

Our medical team at our complementary and alternative therapies center

  • Dr. Eudoxia López, who is the medical chief and manager of this International Health Center, she is specialist in homeopathy and emergencies, expert in neural therapy, hydrocolonics, oxygen and ozone therapy, biomagnetism and electrotherapy.
  • Dr. Isabel Tavira, physician and expert in acupunture and chinese medicine with a great wholistic and Eastern approach in our International Health Center.
  • For our Oncological Hyperthermia treatments we are supervised by the Italian Oncologist Dr. Salvatore Conte when we apply Deep Local Hyperthermia as an adjuvant therapy in relation to Chemo and Radiotherapy. A good complementary therapy to counteract the adverse side effects of these two conventional tumor therapies.

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