The Correspondence – Emotions and Illnesses

Many ancient health sciences of different cultures like ayurvedic and chinese medicine have proved since ages that most of the illnesses are psychosomatic which means that according to our emotions and thoughts we have a direct and overwhelming effect in our body.

Thus there is a psychological cause for every illness (Correspondence – emotions and illnesses) so that according to the type of each emotion and thought we will suffer a correspondent ailment in a certain organ, system or gland.

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Diseases and emotions

Here you can find the correspondence between every type of illnesses and the emotions involved in every biological program which provokes illness:

Oncological diseases like cancer and tumors are provoked by feelings of fear, anger, sadness, depression, jealousy, greed, guilt, betrayal, deception, disappointment, confusion and so on. Here you have another correspondence between every type of cancer and the emotions involved:

  • Breast Cancer: Lack of love or affection from a partner, husband, father or children. Lack of communication and support in relation to loved ones.
  • Brain CancerDenial, lack of acceptance of the reality, impossibility of finding a solution for an important problem. When our body realizes that with the current neurons we are not able to find a solution, a new biological program is created in order to produce more cells and that excess of cells represents a tumor in our brain.
  • Bone Cancer: lack of self-steem or very low self-steem. In relation with the feeling: ” I am unworthy, I am nothing“.
  • Colon Cancer: phychological caused by a trick or malicious and ignoble action perpetrated by a family member. The key word is betrayal and disappointment.
  • Kidney Cancer: too many questions that remain unanswered. Confusion, doubt, feeling of being out of one’s territory. Lack of certainty, insecurity, self-distrust.
  • Liver Cancer: caused by anger and fear provoked by a conflict of shortage of resources in life. This cancer is related to colon cancer, because the feelings can be associated and there is a biological link between these two organs. Physiological problems with the colon make liver work harder and overwhelmed.
  • Leukemia: normally affects to children. Peter Pan Complex. Fear to grow. Feeling of being attacked by the family. Feelings expressed this way: ” I do not have the right to grow and develop myself in this family”, “If I grow, I will die”.
  • Lymphoma: Feelings of being trapped, unprotected, powerless. Conflict of anguish and being understimated. Also fear of the future.
  • Lung Cancer: Fear of dying or someone else’s death, fear of suffering. Sadness because of unfortunate events.
  • Melanoma: associated to feelings of protection. “I need to protect mysefl from something or somebody”. “I feel dirty and I am losing my integrity”.
  • Pancreas Cancer: Intense family Conflicts in relation with heritage and financial problems. Feelings of betrayal, disappointment, greed, guilt, regret.
  • Prostate/uterus Cancer: Trauma for not being able to have sex. Disappointment about being considered attractive by a man or a woman. Obsession for sex and being up to the task.
  • Rectum Cancer: not being able to forgive someone. Attached to the feeling of being betrayed and stabbed in the back.
  • Stomach Cancer: Unable to digest a strong an intense emotion or situation. “I swallowed a big chunk but I cannot digest it”. Any situation or negative event difficult to cope with.
  • Thyroid Cancer: Conflict of feeling overwhelmed by the unfortunate events and circumstances. “I cannot swallow this”.

* Insomnia and throat diseases: linked to feelings of revenge and resentment.

Lung Diseases: linked to the inability to find a solution to a situation.

Chronic diseases, infections and skin diseases: associated with lacking moral principles.

Diabetes, migraines and inflammations: mainly for being too categorial or unwavering in beliefs. Also Apathy can cause diabetes. Being rude and insulting also caused those ailments.

Digestive disorders, heart and skin diseases: caused mainly by anxiety and fear of the future.

Obesity: generally is caused by greed and self-protection.

Gastric ulcers and acid reflux: caused by aggressiveness which is a very dangerous attitude.

Kidney diseases: are normaly psycholigically caused by reticence and confusion or being overwhelmed by doubt.

* Asthma, epilepsy and anemia: maybe caused by feelings of unfairness or cruelty (or being subjet to it).

* Thyroid problems: associated to attitudes of seeking conflicts or subject to unfair situations.

Emotional treatment

So as we can see, there is a strong correspondence between traumas, situations and emotions and different part of our body closely connected to them. You can apply this knowledge to find out what kind of emotions or traumas are linked to your illness. This way you can release the emotional causes of those diseases and therefore your body can respond to it creating health and balance.

So here you have an overlook about how our emotions and negative thoughts can determine our lives. If we can manage and release those emotional debris we can have the control of our life back and our body can be reprogrammed to be healthy again. 

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