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A therapy that uses a Low Intensity Direct Electrical Current (Low Intensity DEC) to be applied directly to the affected area. Electrotherapy for tumor treatments it’s used in alternative medicine at a very low cost and with minimum side effects. Many studies showed its great antitumoral effect, and in many cases a total resolution have been achieved. Low Intensity DEC has got a great antineoplastic power which enhances the desirable effects in chemotherapy and radiotherapy counteracting, in other hand, the side or collateral effects.

Cancer, as a neoplastic disease, is the second cause of death all over the world. Conventional therapies such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are invasive and expensive and cannot give complete answer to cancer or tumoral diseases.

The effectiveness of this therapeutic method, combined or not with conventional therapies, has been proven in animals and human beings. This therapy, when it’s combined with conventional medicine, can empower the cytotoxic effects of conventional remedies with an adequate reduction of their undiserable side effects.

This therapy was used for the first time in 1776 to treat tumors. However, in the last three decades its use has been increased tremendously above all in hopeless and terminally ill cancer patients.

In 1988, a swedish professor called E.W. Nordenstrom, nominee for the Nobel Prize, taught this therapy to chinese doctors and therapists and its use was spreaded throughout Chine. Thus, the more complete study even made in this field was performed by Dr. Xin, in which 8,240 cancer patients was treated with Low Intensity DEC, they had different type of cancer and cannot be treated with conventional medicine. In all the cases, life expectancy was increased this way: 90% of cases they increased their life expectancy in 1 year, 60% in more than 2 years and 36% in more than 5 years.

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How does electrotherapy work?

Basicly, an anesthesiologist administers the anesthesia before electrodes are applied with needles in the skin. Electrodes are positioned directly in the affected area, and then, patient receives low intensity electric shock – normally less than 10 volts, so the electricity can attack the tumor cells in two different ways:

1.- The electrical current destroys cancer tissue, so immune system cells can literally eat cancer cells and eliminate the remainings. Some cancer cells are destroyed immediatelly, and the others can disappear after a certain period of time.

2.- The electrical current provokes a sustancial change in cancer cells to initiate in them a new biological program to reverse the process and become a healthy part of the organ, or tissue they belong to. This reversion phenomenon is common in the most powerful anticancer alternative therapies.

INDICATIONS: the Electrotherapy ECT (Electro Carcinoma Treatment) is highly indicated in skin cancer like Melanomas, nevertheless, it’s not authorized in other type of cancer in Spain, Uk and USA among other countries. But in countries like China, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden it is authorized and its efficacy has been proven. Dr. Hans P. Weber – member of ” International Board for Cell Therapy Research and Preventive Medicine”, showed the efficacy of this therapy in many types of tumors.

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