Emotions – Effects on the body

Human beings experience a huge variety of emotions, sometimes happiness, sadness, extreme gladness or depression. Each of these emotions causes a different feeling in our body and certain chemical substances are released depending on the emotion. For example if your brain produces serotonin, oxytocin or dopamine you will feel fine and happy. On the contrary if your body releases cortisol while you feel stressed your feelings will be related to the survivale instinct.

What happens when we have negative thoughts all the time? And what if we have positive thoughts? What happens when neither positive thoughts nor negative thoughts are strong enough to prevail? We are going to explore how these things affect our bodies and lives.

Positive vs negative

The duality of our world is obvious. The same situation could be positive for some people and negative for other people and the brain is a very powerful tool to determine it. Imagine someone going to work stuck in a traffic jam, some people could think that is the worst thing could happen because he will be late and suddenly feels negative. Other people going to work stuck in the same traffic jam can take an advantage of the situation and relax, or rest until they can continue their way.

In this case is the same experience but one person can face it positive or negatively. So, are naturally the things positive or negative? Or do we define them as positive or negative?

Avoid perception as much as we can

After thinking for a while you will conclude there are no positive or negative situations. Our perception has the last world about this and will determine how we feel or how it will affect to our body.

Although we can train ourselves to go through our experiences definitions and reach a mind state in which we simply accept each experience as really is, this is not an easy task so is important to understand how certain emotions can affect our health.

The mind-body connection is very strong and the effects of the mind in the boy can be very deep, although we cannot objectively see them.

We can have a mentally positive attitude and treat our inner problems directly at the same time that we have a healthy lifestyle, or we can be negative, have self-destructive thoughts and not treating our inner problems or hide them with positive statements. Which is the reason?

Our emotions and experiences are essentially power and they can be stored in our cellular memory. Have you ever experienced something emotional that left a sign o r pain in any part of your body? Almost as if you can even feel something about that past experience now? It is very probable because this part of the body can still have the power released by this past experience.

When you have some ache or pain in certain areas of the body they can be often related to some emotions that you feel, but we may not realize about it because we are not connected with ourselves.

We do finally realize when physical therapies or drugs can not erase the ache or hassle. And the more that we look into our emotions and subconscious the better we get and the ache will disappear.

When we are physically ill most of times is a cry for help of our subconscious. This is all a learning and growing process to which we do not have to fear.

You have the control

A clinical experiment showed that the exhaled toxins from the breath of oral expressions of hate, jealousy or ire during one hour would be able to kill 80 laboratory rats! Can you imagine the damage you can cause to yourself during the whole life with negative emotions trapped inside of you?

Remember you have all the power.

When you face a new experience ask yourself: what can I do to learn something about this experience? Can I use it to change my perception?

You will find that you have the tools to process emotions and illness when you see them as they really are and you explore why they happened. If you think you will get sick all the time and believe it, because everything is out of your control, you will continue thinking the rest of things in your life are uncontrollable, until you realize that you have control over much of what we feel in our body.

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