Full Detoxification Program, full body detoxification treatment, antiaging, antioxidant

Full Detoxification Program, full body detoxification treatment, antiaging, antioxidant

Cost of Full Detox treatment: 199,00€

These therapies can improve your health against cancer and they have other antiaging benefits with detox and antioxidant effects.

This is a program to enhance complete detoxification of the body using three therapies that are focused on different systems, organs and glands.

What does this program include to detox the body?

The therapies included in this program are the following:

Body Hyperthermia


This program is carried out in 2 days since it is not convenient to perform the three therapies in one day due to their intensity. Body hyperthermia can be done one day and then the next day or some other day of the week, Hydrocolon and Foot Detox can be done.

Before starting the program, our physicians and nurses inform the patients about the process and hand in the consent letters that give complete information about the therapies of the program, about their indications and contraindications due to these are medical therapies and the patient must know everything about the convenience of them.

Three consent letters will be provided, one for each therapy with all the indications and contraindications. Patients must sign them to certify that everything is clear.

Cycles of Repetition:

It is recommendable to repeat this full detox program (Hyperthermia + Hydrocolon + Foot Detox) every 6 months or 1 year, so once or twice per year depending on our lifestyle (above all after holidays in summer or Christmas and New Year holidays when we are having unhealthy food), though body hyperthermia can be done once per week, foot detox once per month and Hydrocolon once per 3 months depending on the cases.

As a conclusion, we can say that this program is a good option for those that want to keep doing a body maintenance and taking preventive measures to protect the immune system and delay the appearance of diseases related to the aging (degenerative diseases). With this program we can soften the effects of chronic diseases and those ones with a serious prognosis.

Cost and reservation of this program to detoxify the body, Full Detox Program.

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