Genetic testing

Thanks to the discovering of the Human Genome in 2003 and the effort of thousands of scientists all over the world, it is possible we have available nowadays the chance to be tested genetically as a efficient way to improve our wellbeing through knowledge and prevention.

Vitagenes (our partner laboratories) analyzes environmental and genetic factors before any estimation of global genetic susceptibilities to develop different diseases. At the same time, This genetic tests from Vitagenes analyzes environmental-genetic interactions which allow us to identify the nutrients and drugs more efficient for every patient. This help us to propose tailored courses of actions to treat and prevent different diseases with enormous effectiveness.

With a simple sample of saliva, we can analyze numerous genetic markers related with risk to suffer from cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and phenotypes associated to human aging.

At the same time, the Vitagenes Genetic Report analyzes several genetic-environmental, nutrigenetic and pharmagenetic interactions which allow us to estimate the tailored preventive and therapeutic treatments more appropriate for the patients. All of this with all the technical and scientific accuracy.

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Main indications of the genetic test

  • Illness Prevention, above all for cancer prevention
  • As Antiaging program, to slow down the aging process
  • Weight Reduction, as a way to control weight

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