Harvard advises not to intake much milk

The School of Public Health of Harvard University, in 2013, published an innovative system to provide guidelines for a healthy eating. Until then we all have based on the famous food pyramid to learn what foods, proportions or priority is recommended. The school proposes a scheme shaped as a plate, a real way to understand it.

They make significant changes based on the latest medical researches such as having the milk pushed into the background. At a glance we can clearly rank foods that we should intake and which daily proportion of each type is advisable to consume.

A half of the meal should be fruits (1/4) and vegetables, we highlight that potatoes do not take part in this group because they have a negative impact on the level of blood sugar. A quarter of the food must be composed of whole grains, wheat, quinoa, oats, brown rice, or pasta made with integral grain, the effect on blood sugar levels is softer than with white bread, refined grains or white rice.

Healthy Eating Plate

Another quarter should be healthy proteins like fish, chicken, beans or nuts, very advisable and versatile in salads or also combined with vegetables. Reduce red meat and avoid processed meats like bacon and sausage.

Besides is better to choose vegetable oils (in moderation), avoid sugary drinks and milk and keep always active lifestyle.

We would like to spread these tips and wish you to put them into practice. A good technique may be to hang up this “food plate” in our fridge so we always know the proportions and types of the better foods for our bodies (not necessarily for our appetite….)

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