Heavy Metal detoxification treatment

This is a program to detect, identify and create a personalized treatment to detox the body from heavy metals by providing natural remedies for cleansing.

Cost of Heavy Metals Detox Test: € 250.00

What does this program include to detox the body from heavy metals?

  1. BCC Test (Biochemical Components Check), a test to detect and identify which heavy metals are present in the body using hair samples from different parts of the head. A Spectrographic study is performed using microscopes of polarized light in which all the components of the hair are analyzed.
  2. The Medical consultation is for the purpose of interpreting the BCC results which are properly explained to the patient. A medical report is provided to have the results.
  3. In the medical consultation the physician designs the protocol or a program to treat the possible intoxication by heavy metals. The program is normally a Natural Chelation (a process to eliminate the heavy metals from the body using plants or phytotherapy and/or Homeopathy. The cost of these treatments is apart from this package.
  4. Another BCC test to check out the success of the treatments applied so we know that we get the desirable results.


Firstly we send to the patients the instructions to extract the hair samples from the POP points of the head (Preferential Operative Points). Once the samples are received by us, we send them to our reference laboratory to be analyzed. In a few days, we will receive the results and we contact the patient to book an medical appointment and thus we are able to explain the results.

Then the physician suggests a proper medical treatment which is usually a chelation using natural medicine such as phytotherapy and/or homeopathy. The patient will be receive the prescription of the program for heavy metals detoxification.

We can supply these natural products to perform the treatments.

Finally, 4 months later the BCC is repeated as a check-up to know if the treatments are successful totally or partially. You will receive the whole information and the professional opinion of the physicians about the last results.

For whom is this program designed?

This program is a necessary as a complementary measure to treat many diseases such as:

  • Tumor diseases
  • Degenerative and chronic diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimer, Dementia and many others where heavy metals can play an important role.
  • Auto-immune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, fibromyalgia, lupus, etc.
  • Psychosomatic diseases with manifestations of depression, anxiety and stress. Fatigue and excessive weakness.
  • For the purpose of preventing many neuro-degenerative diseases.
  • Other immune disorders.
  • Skin and nail disorders, acne, allergies and hair loss.
  • Autism and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and hyperactivity.
  • Sexual organs disorders, impotence, menopause, herpes and much more…

Cycles of Repetition

It is recommendable to perform a BCC test every year if our lifestyle is not healthy and our diet is compound of processed food. After the Checking BCC, in some cases it is necessary to prolong the chelation protocol a few months more to get complete results according to the medical opinion. The purpose is to get the total decontamination of the body from heavy metals and treat diseases related or prevent future serious health problems.


As a conclusion, we can say that this program is a good option for those that want to keep doing a body maintenance and taking preventive measures to protect the immune system and delay the appearance of diseases related to the aging (degenerative diseases). With this program we can soften the effects of chronic diseases and those ones with a serious prognosis.

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