History Ozonetherapy

History - Ozonetherapy

The Ozone was discovered by a German physicist called Schönbein. Because this gas has a characteristic smell, he called it “Ozein” the german word to express the term “smell”.

Von Siemens, in 1857

Managed to build the first ozone generator which was called “Induction Pipe”. In 1870, a german physician called Lender, conducted the first published studies on the biological effects of ozone as a great disinfection agent in water. The discovery of the its antimicrobial effects was a medical revolution at that time.

In 1893, in the Netherlands

The first industrial installation was performed for disinfection and purification of water for human consumption. Subsequently, they created new facilities in other European cities like Zurich and Florence.

In 1900, a Nobel Prize

The american Nicola Tesla, founded the “Tesla Ozone Co.” which manufactures ozone generators for medical use.

In 1913

Several university professors and a hospital chief in the United States, created the “American Association of Eastern Oxygen-Ozone Therapy”.

During the First World War

Dr. O. Wolff, a chief surgeon of the german army medical services, extend the use of Ozonetherapy for the treatment of infected wounds of soldiers.

Dr. Neisswanger, director of the Chicago Hospital College of Medicine, published “Ozone as a Therapeutic Agent”, a publication that was a great reference for many years after which listed more than 114 different diseases that can be treated with Ozone.

In the 30′s

Many doctors in medicine received Nobel Prizes for their work in relations the applications of ozone in Medicine.

After the outbreak of the Secondo World War in Germany, Dr. H. Wolff, published the book “Medical Ozone”, which remains nowdays as a major reference on ozone therapy treatments.

In 1957

The german physician Dr. Hansl manufactures the first modern ozone generator.

Later in 1961

With Dr. H. Wolff, the autohemotherapy is introduced as a form of administration of ozone via IV. 10 years later, this physician founded alongside with Dr. Rilling, the “German Society of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy”.

In 1977

Dr. Salas-Planells introduced  this therapy in Spain for the treatment of peripheral vascular surgery. That year, Dr. Viebahn published the general biological and biochemical mechanismsw of action of ozone.

In 1983

Dr. Matassi and colleagues of the Department of Neurology of Milan published the first clinical trial on Herpes Zoster. That year, the Sixth World Ozone Conference of the IOA published “Medical Applications of Ozone” which collects 33 pathologies that can be treated with ozone based of previous publications that support its effectiveness.

In Spain, Dr. G. Rovira created the first hospital unit of Ozonetherapy in the Chiron Clinic in Barcelona in 1987.

In 1990

The Ministry of Health of Canada begins using ozone to sterilize blood and by-products of blood before the rise of AIDS.

Currently Ozonetherapy is used in Spain, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland,Austria, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Monaco, Canada, fourteen US states, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Russia, Israel, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, India, China, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

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