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HLBO Blood Test – Natural clinic Biomedic Center

HLBO Blood Test, natural clinic

HLBO Blood Test is a Blood Morphological Test using a microscope of more than 60,000x magnification with techniques such us, “Phase Contrast”, “Dark Field” and “Dried Blood”, to identify any disfunction generated inside the body, trying to reestablish such disfunction in a tailored way. The scientists who developed this test were HeitanLagarde,Bradford y Oswald (this is the reason of the name of the test)

HLBO Blood Test, natural clinic, biomedic clinic, natural treatments

One drop of dried capillary blood is examined with a simple optical microscope. When the blood dries erythrocyte cluster and fibrin net are formed and the sedimentation pattern which appears is then evaluated.

The HLB blood test is different from other blood tests because it measures quality over quantity which allows us to draw better conclusions about the possible problems and necessities of the blood of the patient.

This way, infectious, cardiovascular diseases and fibromyalgia can be treated in every patient in a different way once their cells are analyzed and the origin of the illness is discovered. At the same time we can predict numerous diseases with years of anticipation. With Cell Microscopy we can get an enormous success because it is a deep analysis of the cell behavior. It is a technique which origins were in Spain with Dr. Severo Ochoa, Nobel Prize of Medicine in 1954.

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