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Hyperthermia treatment

At our clinic in Malaga, Spain, we use this therapy among others as a part of our treatments to treat cancer, tumour and degenerative and chronic diseases. We use a last generation device to deliver these treatments with thermotherapy: HY-DEEP 600 WM machine made in Italy which combines security and efficiency with the highest standard of quality.

This is a complementary medical treatment combined with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in which we can have greater response rates. Up to 85% of cases we can achieve a tumor remission (in the best case scenario) in comparison to conventional treatments undertaken by themselves.

Other diseases to be treated with Hyperthermia could be, Multiple Sclerosis, Hepatic Cirrhosis and Benign Hypertrophy of Prostate.

What is hyperthermia?

The hyperthermia treatment is a therapy in which we create an artificial fever in order to increase the body temperature up to 45º Celsius, so we can fight any infectious and tumour disease easier because at the same time we reinforce our immune system cells, we attack cancer cells since they are extremely sensitive to heat. The American surgeon Dr. William Coley (1862-1936) had observed that the increase of body temperature not only mobilizes our immune system but also it weakens any tumour at the same time. Healthy tissue can bear easily high temperatures, but tumour cells cannot since they start a process of self-destruction (apoptosis) when they are subjected to high temperatures.

Hyperthermia treatment is indicated for the following cancer types

  • Adenoma

  • Cervical adenoma

  • Fibroma and polyps

  • Treatment of pain

  • Uterine Fibroids

  • Cervical Neoplasia

  • Pancreatic tumours

  • Chronic Inflammatory diseases

  • Liver diseases

  • Prostatic and Uterine diseases

This treatment is also used before after surgery, or as a preventive treatment. The majority of cancer cells cannot bear high local temperatures meanwhile the healthy cells can survive. This is the physiological foundation to use clinically this therapy as a cancer complementary treatment.

This is one of our most effective therapies to counteract tumour growth and it is widely supported by conventional medicine as a co-adjuvant therapy.

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