How prostate hyperhtermia treatment can help patients?

Chemotherapy is a conventional medicine therapy which attacks the tumour process with synthetic or artificial drugs that can affect the natural defences of our body with different levels of toxicity. These drugs can destroy tumour cells in different ways, making these dysfunctional cells stop their growth or reproduction, but on the other hand these drugs can also attack our healthy cells creating many side effects. These conventional compounds are called cytotoxins.

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How can prostate cancer patients benifit when combined chemotherapy and hyperthermia?

Fortunately, other therapies exist to help reinforce the cytotoxic capacity of chemotherapy at the same time its side effects are counteracted. Many studies were performed that show that chemotherapy and hyperthermia combined can treat satisfactorily many type of tumours such as breast, liver, brean, esophagus, cervix, bladder, peritoneum, rectum and prostate cancer, alongside with melanoma and carcinoma.

prostate cancer, cancer hyperthermia, prostate cancer treatment

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How can hyperthermia help to treat prostate cancer?

Therapies like Hyperthermia (increase of body temperature to create a healing fever) can help to induce death cell in tumour cells, since these dysfunctional cells cannot bear temperatures higher than 42 Celsius degrees (108 Fahrenheit degrees), and they terminate themselves at that level, but besides, the cytotoxins from the chemotherapy can be also easily absorbed by the tumour cells if we increase the local temperature. The oxygen can also invade the affected area by the tumour, and these molecules can attack tumour cells to eliminate them.

On the other hand, hyperthermia can also counteract in certain degree the negative side effects from chemotherapy, since it reinforces the immune system and helps the healthy cells absorb more oxygen and nutrients from the blood

Therefore, the following benefits can be achieve by combining hyperthermia with chemotherapy:

  • Greater absorption of chemotherapeutical drugs

  • Greater provision of oxygen in the area to treat

  • Increase of blood stream in the area

  • Activation of oxygen molecules to affect tumor cells more efficiently

  • Increase of cell metabolism

  • Greater detoxification and waste elimination

  • Ph more alkaline

  • Death cell induction in tumor cells

Therefore, it is highly recommendable to combine hyperthermia with chemotherapy as a coadjutant or complementary treatment to achieve more results or more antitumoral effectiveness in Prostate cancer among others.

What kind of hyperthermia treatments is more recommendable for prostate cancer?

It is recommendable Deep Local and body hyperthermia. We need to treat the prostate gland locally with Deep Local Oncological Hyperthermia, to increase the temperature only in the prostate, and also we need to apply hyperthermia to the whole body to boost the immune system, to oxygenize and alkalinize in general so it can affect indirectly the local area in the prostate gland.

Hyperthermia contraincications

Body hyperthermia is not indicated only in cases when there are lymph nodes removed.

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