Illness, its psychological causes

The Psychological Causes of Every Illness now revealed

“Illness is the way used by nature to heal human beings” (C.G. Jung)

Our body works with the same perfection and it’s got the same consciousness as the Universe Itself. Although it seems odd to our senses, only the atomic structure represents the 0.01% of the physical reality, the rest, the 99.99% is energy with different frequencies, the interatomic spaces are the same as the intergalactic space. Microcosmos equals Macrocosmos. This is a very old universal principle called “Correspondence” that deems the following: “As above, so below; as below so above.” This Principle embodies the truth that there is always a Correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of Being and Life.

So we are compound of energy in a big proportion vibrating in harmony. Energy is intelligent information coded in a certain frequency.

Many times illnesses are the result of our way of thinking and feeling, moreover of our attitude toward life events and circuntances which can modify the frequency of our energy. This way our reactions in relation to certain events are the causes that creates our reality. We are responsible for our own reactions, and not for other people’s actions. Our way to look at life is what determines our success or failure in every situation. Our illnesses, sympthoms and physical manifestations are the tip of the iceberg, they are just what can be seen at the first sight but truth remains hidden in our subconscious.

If you want to find a real solution to your illness you have to look into your inner space to heal yourself. An incurable disease is not that that health condition cannot be cured, it is that it can be cured from within: In-curable, from our own inner consciousness.

When a person suffers an unbalance deep within at a mental or psychological level, that will be manifested in his/her body as symptom or physical or psychological disease. Any symptom or illness is just an alarm to advise us that something is wrong inside us.

Every symptom or disease is a visible physical process provoked by another process which is invisible and psychological. Any symptom and disease is not an enemy to be destroyed but a alarm system playing an important role, red alarm which is on to warn us that we have to do something to fix what is wrong inside of us. This way when we have temperature, it is not a good idea to counteract it but instead to control it so it is not going beyond 40º, because in reality fever can cure us by burning toxins, virus and bacteria of all kind, getting rid of all those metabolic debris which make dirty our inner environment. Fever, in reality, not only accelerate the healing process, but also in fact it is healing us.

To heal ourselves we have to seek inside of us and find the cause of our illness. We have to look beyond any symptom and look for deep inside of us where the root of the problem is. The only purpose of illness is to help us to fix our mistakes and deficiencies. Illness, in reality, is a path to get to our true healing, it is the path of our own perfection, in fact, it releases and reveals what it was hidden in the shadow (in the long run) and provides us important values which maybe we do not have.

If we make a self-examination, at the end we will discover the brighter part of illness (the silver lining in every cloud). If we truly wish to be healed, we have to be honest with ourselves and be aware of our deficiencies and mistakes and accept them as great master willing to teach us something. Understanding this equals to have walked half way along our own healing path.

Everybody seem to see other people’s faults, but how difficult is to see our own faults and mistakes!! Many times people we interact with are our mirrors because they reflect our own strength and weaknesses, although we can see ourselves very different from the rest, in fact, we are not so different at the end. To be honest with ourselves is indeed perhaps the most difficult thing to do.

Symptoms and illnesses reveal hidden issues within us and therefore we have to honest with ourselves to recognize and accept them.

Every Human Being has to understand and learn how illness teaches to be better persons. Every ailment, upheaval or symptom that happen in our lives have a great significance and reveal that there is a true need to compensate pending conflicts within us. It is our task in life to find out those hidden needs and discover mental patterns as real causes of our suffering. Those patterns are anger, resentment, guilt, lack of love, aggressiveness and all type of negative emotions and thoughts which have to be released in a balance way to extract from the lesson, the brighter part hidden in them.

It is up to us to transmute any negative feeling into its positive opposite concept: anger into forgiveness, fear into bravery, sadness into joy, lack of confidence into trust and hate into love.

I hope these words are useful to those who are willing to lift their consciousness.


David López

Psychotherapist at Biomedic Center in Spain

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