Natural cancer treatment, Natur10

Natural cancer treatment, natural treatment for cancer and tumors Natur10


A two weeks program with Natural and Complementary medicine from Monday to Friday of the next week

Amount: 9900,00€

Cancer treatment Natur10

All our patients stay in one of our fully-equipped apartments so they feel comfortable. The apartments are selected nearby our clinic so the patients do not have to walk too far and there is no need of taxi. They are close to the downtown too.

Natur10 is divided into 2 phases

First phase of the program (Tests and initial therapies)

This first phase, the same way as the Natur-5 program, is the first contact with the patients once they come to the clinic for the first time. In this phase all the medical information is carefully assessed (medical reports, previous tests, images and treatments and current treatments) and other preliminary tests and analysis are carried out by our team at our clinic.

At the same time, a set of initial therapies are administered to prepare the body for the tailored program and the rest of the therapies. The following initial tests and therapies are delivered to all our patients regardless the specific type of cancer they have:

Second Phase of the program Natur-10 (tailored part of this program which is compound of therapies and treatments specially designed according to the previous tests and results)

Once we have the results of the preliminary tests carried out at the clinic and after assessing the patient’s case with the information provided by him/her, we design tailored part of the program for the patient in which we include all the treatments and therapies to be administered and their intensity and type of homeopathy and natural remedies.

According to the specific program for each case, the treatments and therapy can be the following:

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In case of cancellation, you are entitled to a refund of the program price except accommodation due to this service would be already booked to a third party.

In case of suspension of the program, the refund will refer to the therapies not delivered until that moment.

As a conclusion, we can say that this program is a good option to those who are seeking a complete combination of therapies to treat with intensity all the cancer factors of the disease. We advise this program for persons with stage IV of cancer or lower.