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Biomedic Clinic: Natural Therapies, natural clinic and the benefits of complementary medicine

How is going to be your stay at our Natural Therapies Clinic and complementary medicine?

Natural Therapies, natural clinic, complementary medicine

Biomedic Clinic is a Natural Therapies Center located in Malaga, southern Spain. Certainly it is a great place to have your health and life quality back.

A team of health professionals will take care of your health to guide and treat you with effective natural therapies, which are complementary natural techniques which combined; they can give you the right answer to know what it’s happening to your mind and body. With this knowledge it is possible to gain a new perspective to recover your health holistically.

We research constantly to find the best natural therapies and remedies which deliver the best reasonable results tailored to each patient. We apply modern medical technology to carry out our treatments with great results. Come to see our facilities, we will be please to have you here.

Where is the clinic and How is our Natural Biomedic Clinic like?

Stay during the period of treatment or natural program at Clinica Biomedic

Our suites offer all the services as though it is a hotel with a great comfort and intimacy. We have suites of 1 or 2 rooms.

You can have available all the comfort like being at home where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner as you normally do.

This way you can prepare your own healthy food during your stay and at the same time you can save money because you don’t have your meal outside.

Our suites’ kitchens are totally equipped and have available the following:

  • Vitroceramic hob with security system for kids
  • A big fridge with freezer
  • Grill-micro oven
  • Washing machines and dryer
  • Coffee machine and toaster
  • Plates, glasses, knife, spoons, forks, coffee cups…
  • Saucepans of different size and pot to boil
  • Oil and Vinegar set, colander, corkscrews, can opener, scissors, chopping board…

List of amenities:

  • Totally furnished
  • WIFI Internet (10 Mbytes of connection)
  • Digital Acclimatizer Cold/Heat
  • Satellite LCD TV
  • Kitchen totally equipped as mentioned above
  • Hairdryer
  • Ironing kit
  • Cleaning service
  • Sheets and tower change
  • Personalized customer services hours in the reception area of the building.

Our apartment-suites offer a reception service located in the ground floor of the building, this allows us to satisfy any customer need that may appear during the patient’s stay.

From Monday to Friday: from 10:00 am to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00 hours.
Saturday: from 10:00 am to 13:00 hours.

Our suites are located in the very downtown of the city, historic, commercial and touristic center in Malaga. Very close to all the touristic monuments such as the Cathedral, Picasso Museum, “Alcazaba Arabic Castle”, “Gibralfaro Castle” and Malaga SeaPort “Muelle Uno”.

Our suites are 500 meters away from our clinic.

Natural Therapies, natural clinic and complementary medicine with natural products and non-invasive treatments

We will stimulate your immune system and provide you valuable criteria to keep moving forward along your recovery path.

At our Natural Therapies Center we offer you different integrative and effective therapies applied according to the specific patient’s case looking for the best therapeutic combination possible.

We also offer a great affectionate treatment to make our patients feel like they are in family and this is very important for us. The best ingredients in our recipe are affection and care in our work combined to our professional services and innovative technology.

After our patients finished the treatments at our clinic, they receive our constant support, with the adequate recommendations and follow-up, that’s with the purpose of not only receiving your feedback but also giving help and guidance during this long process of recovery.

At the same time, if your state allows you to, you can visit our beautiful city as another tourist, and enjoy countless amusing activities such as Picasso and Thyssen Museums, Pompidou Center, the Arabic Palace and castle, the downtime charming streets, the Roman Theater, and nice restaurants with traditional Andalusian cuisine, etc.

We wish you to achieve your targets and we are able to offer you a great help and support you need to treat and understand your condition so you can recover the health you deserve.

Reservation of programs
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If you wish to contact us to request an online appointment, or you have an enquiry, do not hesitate to email us, or call us at + 34 952 368 146

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