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Natural treatments of Biomedic Clinic

Complementary treatment, cancer, degenerative diseases

2 week integrative treatment

Amount: 9900,00€

Natur10 Program, This is the most complete program to treat cancer and tumors and improve your health state remarkably as a complementary treatment program and you can gain quality of life, vitality and health. The length of this program is 2 weeks and it includes a complete follow up by our medical team. Know more by clicking on the link below.

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Natural treatment, cancer, degenerative diseases

1 week integrative treatment

Amount: 5400,00€

Natur5 Program, This treatment program for cancer and located tumors has a length of 1 week and it includes a complete set of therapies condensed in one week. We provide you a comfortable lodging for the patient and a companion. This program will reinforce your own conventional treatment taking care of the negative side-effects. Know more by clicking on the link below.

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Natural treatment, cancer, degenerative diseases, annual treatment

Annual integrative treatment

Total annual cost Natur 10×4: 19600,00€

Natur10x4 Program, Main combination within this program is compound of Hyperthermia (Local and Body), IV Oxygen therapy (Intravenous) and Homeopathy. It is a complete program with these three synergic therapies to treat solid and located tumors and it is highly recommended for stage III cases but also for higher stages. It is a program for 12 months of length to complete 4 cycles.

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Complementary Program to treat cancer: Oxythermia Program

Amount: 4400,00€

Oxythermia Program (Hyperhermia and oxygen therapy), The treatment with oxithermia (Hyperthermia + Oxygen Therapy) is a combination of these two therapies administered at the same time with synergic effects to fight solid and located tumors and it is highly recommended for stage III but also for higher stages. When combined with conventional chemotherapy or radiotherapy we can get better results than these therapies by themselves and our oxithermia program helps to counteract the side-effects of these invasive therapies.

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Other treatments in our oncological clinic

Body detoxification

Amount: 199,00€

Full Detox. This is a basic program to detoxify the full body that includes effective therapies to cleanse the body to fight any condition including cancer. Intestinal Detoxification with Hidrocolon therapy, foot detox with electrolysis to get rid of toxins like heavy metals and cell, lymphatic and blood detox with full body hyperthermia. Know more by clicking on the link below.

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Detect and cleanse the body from Heavy Metals

Total Cost: € 250.00

Detox Metal Test. It is a program to detect the presence of heavy metals in the body so they can be eliminated afterwards. Detection, identification and detoxification are the main principles of this program. We also provide info about all the elements necessary to control in the body the presence of these damaging compounds. It is very recommendable for those with cancer and tumors and other diseases such as neurodegenerative ones. Keep your body healthy.

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Biomedic Natural Distance Programs and treatments

Natural treatment, cancer, degenerative diseases, distance treatments

Distant Biomedic Program, treatments and programs to be delivered remotely. Receive some therapies from home.

This is for those patients that cannot travel to our clinic because their health state or other reasons. We can make some therapies available within a distant program. For more info, click on the link below.

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