International Cancer Forum Marbella and Gibraltar

International Cancer Forum, Marbella, Gibraltar

Clinica Biomedic has recently attended 2 Cancer Forums held in Marbella and Gibraltar along with other professionals in the sector.

8º International Cancer Forum Marbella

Biomedic Clinic delivered a presentation in the 8th Cancer Forum in Marbella, the 26th of April. Mr. David López, psychoterapist of Biomedic Clinic delivered the presentation which was about the role of Nutrition and Psychology within a combination of natural and integrative therapies to treat cancer. This combination can be very effective to treat this disease with certain level of effectiveness.

9º International Cancer Forum and first time in Gibraltar

Biomedic Clinic was present in the past 1st Cancer Forum held in Gibraltar, the 27th April 2017, event organized by Immuncura, an institution specialized in Immunology. Mr. David López, delivered the presentation in the name of Biomedic Clinic, he was speaking about the role of nutrition and psychology in the combination of cancer treatments to increase their effectiveness.

International Cancer Forum, Marbella, Gibraltar

International Cancer Forum, Marbella, Gibraltar

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