Jojoba can treat cancer by inhibiting angiogenesis

Jojoba is mainly known for its liquid wax (oil) with excellent properties. Jojoba oil is very stable against oxidation and high temperatures, rich in anti-oxidative and phytosterols, and therefore the best oil for use in cosmetics. However, many scientific researches have revealed in the jojoba seeds the presence of various compounds with high biological activity.

Simsine, the main compound of jojoba, have anti-angiogenesis activity, which may also be very useful in the treatment of cancers depending on angiogenesis.

The trials are shown jojoba angiogenesis inhibiting properties were strong enough to suppress neovascularization. And no other detrimental side effects on healthy cells, tissues or organs nor cytotoxic effects have been observed using the product at an appropriate dose.

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The term “angiogenesis-related diseases” refers to diseases wherein angiogenesis plays a crucial detrimental role. There is a long angiogenesis-related diseases list, comprising cancer, arthritis, psoriaris, or AMD (macular degeneration).

Cancers which may be treated with jojoba comprise but are not limited to solid tumors or metastasis. Metastasis is the form of cancer wherein the transformed or malignant cells are traveling and spreading the cancer from one organ to another. This type of cancer can be of the skin, breast, brain, cervical carcinomas, testicular carcinomas, etc.

This is the reason why angiogenesis is of particular interest in the metastasis of tumorigenic cancers. Capillary production is a crucial event in tumor growth and metastasis since the cells in solid tumors must receive the necessary oxygen and nutrients to survive and grow. In particular, it is known that tumors depending on angiogenesis represent a large number of the existing cancers. Indeed, tumors produce angiogenetic factors to induce formation of new blood vessels. Inhibition of blood vessel development in restricted energy supply to the tumor causes an arrest in its development and hence, the start of its regression.

Using Simsine from Jojoba we can stop angiogenesis to help the fight against cancer.

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