Laser Therapy, skin tumours, melanoma

The new techniques to apply laser via intravenous, intraarticular, interstitial or using optic fiber allow the laser beam to get to deep areas of the human body in sufficient concentrations and with high effectiveness. Along with red and infrared beams, we have available green and blue laser beams which do not have deep penetration levels. The Laser Therapy can be applied very close to the injured area and the problem of the superficial absorption is not an obstacle any more for LILT therapy (Low Intensity Laser Therapy).

The Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) for skin tumors, previous administration of a photosensitizer, is focused on the tumors, and after 3 hours, it is activated via a red laser beam radiation of a certain wave length. This allows the physician to carry out the laser beam focalization in sufficient concentrations and directly to the tumor tissue, causing this way the destruction of Reactive Oxygen Species(ROS).

The photosensitizer adheres to the tumour cells (in yellow) to attract the laser beam (in red) in order to destroy them.

LILT – Low Intensity Laser Therapy, helps to decrease pain and inflammation, and accelerate healing via many immune system processes.


  • It stops the inflammatory process, pain and allergic edema
  • It enhances the microcirculation
  • Stabilization of the vegetative nervous system. the cartilage, bones and nerves
  • Stimulation of the Immune System
  • General antitoxic effects
  • The level of oxygen in the red cells is increased
  • Coronary diseases and arteriosclerosis
  • Improvement of metabolic parameters
  • Arrhythmias and heart disorders
  • It improves the liver and kidneys functions
  • Heart Attacks and Hypertension
  • Fat Metabolism Disorders

The importance of laser therapy in medicine is being increasingly recognized as there are hundreds of research papers published each year.

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  • No side effects most of the cases
  • No risk of infection
  • Well suited for pain-sensitive patients and children
  • Excellent and proven clinical effects
  • Laser-specific positive and additional effects
  • Up to 12 treatment points at the same time
  • Combination of different lasers (different depths of penetration and effects)
  • Better and more rapid medical efficacy, so wider range of applications
  • Ongoing clinical and technical development of systems and therapies
  • Often, simultaneous reduction of drug consumption

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Dermatological treatment (photodynamic therapy) of a basal cell carcinoma: