Lyme disease, borreliosis, Biomedic clinic attends the Conference in Paris (19-20 May)

lyme disease, borreliosis, biomedic clinic

ILADS – the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society, leader in training and communication about Lyme Disease and other related infectious diseases in the world, held a conference in Paris the 19th and 20th May, to release very valuable information about this world wide illness and its transmission routes due to pets are travelling all over the world and they get in contact constantly with humans, transmitting the disease easily.

This Society is devoted to the training of professionals and informs patients all over the world about all the factors that are involved in the transmission of this disease and other related ones. According to the Society there are many possible courses of action to treat this disease and they must be known by the physicians and their patients if they want to be successful in treating it.

Biomedic Clinic at the conference on Lyme disease in Paris

lyme disease, borreliosis, biomedic clinic, Dr Eudoxia Lopez

Dr Eudoxia Lopez from Biomedic Clinic in the photo (From left to right in second place)

ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society)

ILADS reminds that the diagnosis is a key factor and when a specific symptomology appears we need to test this possibility to discard it or not. Unfortunately many health professionals do not take this into consideration and this leads to mistaken diagnosis which in reality worsens the problem instead of solving it, since the root of the problem is overlooked and many times the patients are referred to the “psychiatrist” because the physicians are failing to detect the problem.

In western countries like Spain, professionals do not take into account this possibility; just a few of them are carrying out the suitable tests to discard or not Lyme disease when the symptoms are more or less clear. In fact, many professionals are not well informed about this infectious disease or are not willing to go further to find out why the patients is having certain type of symptoms.

Besides in western countries many tests give false negative results so that there are not efficient to detect the illness. On the other hand it is necessary to test other related infections with specific procedures (other tick-transmitted organisms) that can be associated to Lyme Disease.

This conference is trying to shed light on this matter from their root and transmission routes to its effects over the human body and the possible therapies our courses of action to control and treat it effectively.

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