Magnetic pulsed fields for tumour treatment

Tumour diseases originate in an extremely low level of energy within the cell, which causes a wrong metabolic function, the possibility of cell death and, in consequence, the unrestrained multiplication to survive. Panos T. Pappas defends this statement based on the patients treated with Papimi. A device that uses Ionic Magnetic Induced Pulses, while improving the functioning of the immune system.

Panos T. Pappas has focused on chemical and biological effects ionic induced pulses. The Papimi doesn’t apply any electricity over the body; energy is “induced” by an operator handling the probe of the device over the affected area without any physical contact.

After ten years of studies on cell bioelectric behavior Pappas has concluded that tumour diseases are due to a state of extremely low energy of the cells, which causes a chain of specific cell malfunctions and a general state of ischemia in the body. At the biological level, the response to the crisis is cell reproduction. The crisis of a smaller cell area diffuses or spreads to a wider area due to the most basic and fundamental principle of physics: the principle of conservation of energy and the principle of conservation of matter.

When a tumour demands energy and nutrient causes starvation to cancer cells. That starvation is transmitted to adjacent cells which suffer to get oxygen properly, so their metabolism starts to get worse. And that can cause a constant loss of energy and nutrition. The crisis of low energy in cells is therefore initiating the chain of reactions that ultimately lead to the pathological condition we know as cancer.

Given the above approaches the main qualities of Papimi in tumours treatment are:

  1. Stops cell proliferation by providing electric and magnetic energy to the body. The energy is directed to all cells and particularly to energy -hungry cancer cells.
  2. Strengthens the immune system allowing the suppression of tumour cells. It also reinforces other vital functions of the body such as the liver, the lung, the kidney, blood and lymphatic circulation, and others that can sustain or enhance the metabolism in general.

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