The four main causes of cancer according to Dr. Johanna Budwig

Dr Johanna Budwig, causes cancer

After Dr. Johanna Budwig treated thousands of patients with cancer, she realized that there is a common denominator in all cases; all of them had certain infections of viruses and fungus that interfere the physiological processes and help cancer progress. Their bodies were also intoxicated due to chemicals compounds from medication and an unhealthy lifestyle and free radicals, and they also had an unbalanced diet mainly acidic.

Therefore we can outline 4 main causes for cancer

  • Fungal (fungus) and viral infections

    Certain type of cancer can be provoked by pathogenic microorganisms called “Carcinogenic” which are able to infect healthy cells and induce mutations within it. These cells are normally in an environment characterized by poor in oxygen with high acidity and thus they are likely to be infected.

  • Toxins

    That may come from different origins such as chemical additives in food and cleaning products for disinfection of the house and even from pollution in the environment that can be absorbed by the respiratory system and skin. According to thousands of studies of Dr. Clark, most of the patients with degenerative diseases had the Isopropyl alcohol that comes from body creams and house cleaning products.

  • Prolonged and Chronic Stress

    It is another important component, common in cancer patients. The biological effects of stress are widely proven because it can affect and weaken the immune response and the endocrine system so that can promote any tumour and degenerative process.

  • Nutritional Imbalances

    Which are very common in the western civilization due to our unhealthy lifestyle. In fact, we are poorly nourished because our daily meal does not contain all the required elements for our body. Cancer is not only linked to unhealthy food but also to nutritional deficiencies, which affects our nervous, endocrine and immune system. Food deficiencies can modify hormone secretion and the normal levels of amino acids which can change the DNA instructions and cell reproduction. Food such as white sugar, soft drinks, industrial produced bakery, junk and fried food, bacon and cured food, and all kind of processed food are good examples of food with poor nutritional value, highly level of calories and with a great content of toxins which can damage our considerably our health creating serious physiological imbalances in the long run. Eliminating this type of food from our diet is a wise decision to prevent many illnesses and keep us healthy.

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Budwig Diet promotes the awareness in this sense, keeping in mind that acidic and toxic food must be eliminated from our regular diet at the same time we introduce natural, organic and healthy food to alkalinize and detoxify our body paying attention too to the pathogenic microbes that can provoke or at least stimulate tumour and degenerative processes and also to the stress factor as another dangerous component.

Thus this excellent diet propose us to correct the above mentioned factors and this can make a great difference to treat serious diseases such as cancer and other degenerative diseases that can shorten our life expectancy or what is worse, it can lower our quality of life.

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