Biomedic clinic medical team

We are a team of profesionals in integrative medicine , regenerative medicine, holistic medicine and natural therapies making efforts to give a proper answer to numerous illnesses, mainly degenerative, chronic and tumor diseases. We belong to different fields of health, natural and integrative medicine of different specialities such as homeopathy, chinese medicine, phytotherapy, ozone therapy, oxygen therapy, regenerative medicine, etc.

Our therapists offer therapies such as regressive therapy, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, nutrition, shiatsu and so on. All these techniques are meant to treat the patient as a whole, integrating them sinergically, evoiding to treat just illnesses but also a patient with their special particularities. We combine advanced technology with a great human and proffesional treatment looking for the best interest of the patient and the root of the problem at the same time we treat also the symptoms.

We offer new solutions, you decide your level of happiness.

Dr. Eudoxia Lopez, master in homeopathy, regenerative medicine, lipostructure and specialist in integrative medicine

Dr. Eudoxia Lopez
Dr. Eudoxia LopezMedical Manager

Medical Manager at Biomedic Clinic. Family doctor with 22 years of experience in emergency en the Department of Health.

Specialist in integrative medicine, neural therapy and ozone therapy.

Master in homepathy.

Master in regenerative medicine and lipostructure.

Dr. Isabel Tavira, specialist in acupuncture and nutrition

Dr. Isabel Tavira
Dr. Isabel TaviraSpecialist in acupuncture and nutrition

Degree in Medicine. Specialist in family and Community Medicine.

Master in International Health.

Expert in Bioenergetic Acupuncture and Moxibution.

Diploma in Homeopathy.

She performs colon hydrotherapy and oncological hyperthermia treatment.

She has more than two years of experience in private clinic centers giving a medical practice characterized by an integrative and holistic approach.

David Lopez, therapist

David Lopez
David LopezTherapist

Specialist in Psychotherapy.

Expert in Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Psychology.

EFT and SHEC (Brain Hemispheres Synchronization) Practitioner.

He have been working for Clinica Biomedic since 2012 helping many people to manage emotions and relief emotional pain.

Maria Angeles Castillo, nurse

Maria Angeles Castillo
Maria Angeles CastilloNurse

Qualified Nurse at Biomedic Clinic.

Coordinator of therapies and patient follow-up.