Milk consumption and breast cancer risk, health tips

milk consumption, breast cancer risk, health tips

A clinical study carried out in Norway reveals that those women that consume at least 3 cups of milk daily have three times more risk to get breast cancer than those that do not consume milk at all.

Statistics reveal that breast cancer is, nowadays, one of the most common types of cancer in women, and it seems that according to the studies, the consumption of milk can be one of the reasons why this type of cancer is increasing.

It was known that milk can accelerate the progression of breast cancer; however now we know that the breast cancer development can be even quicker than it was thought.

milk consumption, breast cancer risk, health tips

Countries with a great consumption of milk have a great cancer incidence as well.

Researches reveal that in countries where milk consumption is low, the incidence of this type of cancer is also very low. This research in Norway shows that the components and hormone in milk have a great cancer potential and some supplements of vitamin D in processed food have the purpose to improve the milk itself or milk-derivatives products.

Other factors for breast cancer are the reduction of consumption of fish and natural vegetables, the high use of processed sugar, pasta, pork. It is also another factor the use of tight-fitting bras in the body because this fact can increase 20 times the risk to have breast cancer.

This way, it would be better not to use very tight bras or as little as possible, not to consume milk and its derivatives, pork, processed sugar and food in general, it is recommendable to keep a balanced fat low diet enriched in natural food and not processed so the risk of having breast cancer can be reduced.

Thus, the diet approach is a must to prevent and treat cancer and it can represent the 35% of all the combination of therapies needed for cancer fighting. It is necessary to cover all the possible fronts and factors to treat cancer with success. Time Factor is also a key one to treat efficiently any tumor process.

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