Natural Medicine, new treatment of hormonal replacement for menopause, andropause and hormone problems

natural medicine, menopause, andropause, hormone problems

You possibly remember how you felt when you were twenty or thirty years old and you were strong, with more resilience and energy to share with others. Maybe you were like an example of health and energy and that was because you had a balance and your endocrine system (hormonal system) worked very well coordinated with the rest of the body systems because they were very well-integrated to work in optimal conditions. All of that was because you had a great hormonal balance.

But as we are getting older, many imbalances are accumulated until we get the menopause or andropause, converting into an older version of ourselves.

Before explaining how the Bio-identical Hormone replacement therapy works, let’s list the main hormones our endocrine system secretes and which are their physiological function:

The Pituitary gland (Hypophysis) can secrete the following hormones:

  • The FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone): that controls the production of ovules in women and sperm in men.
  • The LH (Luteinizing Hormone): that controls the production of progesterone in the ovaries and the testosterone in testicles.
  • The TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone): that controls the production of hormones in the thyroid gland.
  • The ACTH (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone): that controls the production of cortisol by the adrenal glands.
  • The GH (Growth Hormone): very important to regulate the growth in the childhood and youth and in adults it regulates the maintenance of the muscle and bone tissue, and also the distribution of fat in the body.

On the other hand, the rest of endocrine glands can secrete the following hormones among others:

  • Cortisol secreted by the adrenal glands: which balance the level of glucose and blood pressure and helps to balance the level of the liquids of the body among others functions.
  • Thyroid Hormone: controls the heart rate, the temperature and metabolism among others functions.
  • The Parathyroid Hormone: that control calcium metabolism.
  • The Estrogens in the ovaries: that helps to maintain the sexual organs tissue, strengthen the bones and have a protector effect for the heart and blood vessels.
  • The Progesterone from the ovaries play an important role in all the reproduction functions and other functions related to the humor, regeneration, inflammation, cognition and recovery from brain lesions.
  • The Testosterone from the ovaries is in charge of the libido, bone growth, the balance of level of fat in the body, and has a beneficial effect on the levels of energy and vitality, heart health, the cognition and the rest.
  • The Testosterone from the testicles promotes the sexual drive and gives the male characteristics in men, is also promotes muscle development, heart health and the ability to sleep and rest properly.

All the glands in the endocrine system function integrated to coordinate and balance all the physiological processes within a biofeedback global process to harmonize and carry out all those functions in the human body forming a marvelous gear or machinery.

Thus it is necessary to have healthy level of hormones all the time and this promotes vitality and harmony at any age of the individual. This is known as “Hormonal Homeostasis” and having this at all times can conditioned our physical, emotional and mind state. The aging process provokes a significant decrease in hormone secretion making us more vulnerable or subjected to cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, degenerative diseases and even cancer.

There is a synergic balance between every organ, gland, hormone and cell in the human body that is altered according to the age and degenerative processes, genetic predisposition, surgeries carried out and other factors that can generate hormonal imbalances which can create the right environment to develop different health problems.

Here are some examples on how low levels of testosterone in men can generate many health problems:

  • Osteoporosis and hip fractures,
  • Cardiopathology and heart attacks,
  • Brain-cardiovascular accidents,
  • Prostate cancer (because low levels of testosterone are even a greater risk),
  • Senile Dementia.

Low levels in estrogens in women can create analogical health problems in women.

In most cases, it is necessary to provide externally those deficient hormones to promote a healthy aging. In Biomedic Clinic, we use bioidentical natural hormones as a replacement, which are made following the highest quality standards from the best botanical ingredients from plants that are carefully selected to be completely identical to those produced by our glands, that is why they are called “Bio-identical”. This is a therapy almost without side effects except in very particular cases, but those side effects in case there are any can be easily diluted shortly because these compounds are totally natural and easy to assimilate.

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