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This form of therapy is one of many natural approaches that uses active principles from plants to help against ailments and diseases. It corresponds to ancient medicine which was traditionally used both by our Western and Eastern civilization, and so we can find a chinese phytotherapy, ayurvedic medicine (from India) and European phytotherapy. We can say that every civilization has used it based on the plants of their corresponding geographic region. This way we have different type of phytotherapies according to the different plants used by every society or civilization. These natural remedies have been passed down from generation to generation mainly in oral form to treat many common and not so common ailments of the human being.

Many of the herbs and plants that were used by the Romans, Egyptians and Greeks, are still used today and they keep their positive effects in our health, effects which have been confirmed by our civilization and modern science today, using the modern scientific method. More and more responsable laboratories are doing their own studies and their own preparations to add value to the natural active principles which have been combined. All of this is done with the safest methods and high-quality standards according to modern times, creating an excellent collection of remedies against numerous physical problems from a natural and modern perspective.

Although there are compounds that have a different origin even if it is natural, like animal and mineral substances, they are not considered phytotherapy because they don’t come from plants. There is a part of phytotheraphy which uses active principles from mushrooms, like mycotheraphy. Inside this category we can find very active phytochemical compounds which may help our organism to regulate itself although some of them can have many adverse effects and so they must be used considering possible side-effects or undesirable reactions which may affect our body. This phytotheraphy branch has been used for thousand of years by the Chinese medicine with great results.


With this natural therapy we can treat many ailments and the same way conventional medicine has a vademecum of medicines, there is a herbal vademecum to treat practically everything. Each plant and food is designed to contribute to different vital functions of the human being and its deficiency can create imbalances and even diseases, therefore different plants can restore the general balance of the body, in particular special functions that are not being efficiently performed due to many pathological causes.

In the vegetable world we can find directly all the necessary nutrients and all re-balancing substances without needing the animal kingdom. For example, there are plants that contain omega 3 like walnuts (which contain omega 3, 6 and 9) yet none vegetal oil contain all of them at the same time.

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  • Chinese phytotherapy and ayurvedic medicine, or Traditional Eastern Medicine in general, which has a greater background and has been developed and therefore documented for several thousands years.
  • Mycotherapy, or phytotherapy focused on in therapeutic fungi.
  • Western Traditional Phytotherapy, with native species of Europe and America.

In Biomedic clinic we use phytotherapies of many origins to answer a wide range of ailments and different aspects of many diseases. For example, for neurodegenerative disease (such as Parkinson disease), it is important to make a determination of heavy metals, because if these is an important vector or cause of the sickness, they must be eliminated with a phytotherapeutic chelation using seaweed.

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Plants and mushrooms represent the chemical base of many traditional and conventional medicines necessary for the treament of nearly endless diseases. Therefore it is very important to use this therapy that can treat somehow effectively any type of health disorder or ailment, so that there is always an active phytochemical principle capable of helping us with any phychophysical imbalance. It is necessary to know the synergies or combinations of active principles that can treat any health problem the most effective way as possible. Although some combinations have been used for centuries to treat certain imbalances, every organism is different and may have a different biological response or predisposition at the time of using this phytochemicals.

Within phytotherapy we can differentiate plants that are presented as nutritional supplements or plants which are considered medicine by themselves and so we must know the possible contraindications or adverse effects they may have despite being totally natural compounds, as they may be incompatible with previous imbalances or may cause certain adverse reactions in some organisms, and there may also be contraindications with conventional or clinical medicines, so it is always necessary to have the help of a medical professional.

From Biomedic Clinic we use plant and herbal based medicines and supplements, that can help our body to self-regulate properly and have a positive effect on the different systems, organs and glands of the body. In response to the administration of these natural compounds, our body reacts adequately to generate the body substances that help us to balance many functions.

Most of our phytotherapy treatments are presented as dietary supplements but can also be in the form of medicines, so they must be prescribed by medical professionals, since although they don’t usually have side effects or contraindications, or may interfere with conventional medical treatments, in which case the doctor must know that the patient is being administered so as not to interfere with other treatments when prescribing new medicines or natural remedies. That is why, from our clinical perspective, our herbal medicine is administered, or at least supervised, by our medical staff.