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Budwig diet, Budwig Protocol

Budwig diet are a basic and important factor in patients who suffer from cancer, chronic and degenerative diseases. A bad nutrition can create many types of diseases and physical manifestations; the common consequence is anaemia but in the long run, those nutritional imbalances can lead to more serious illnesses.

On the contrary, a balanced and suitable diet can help to our body to regulate itself taking care of the immune system, improving the cell breathing, preventing oxidation and toxicity.

In Biomedic Clinic we use the Budwig Diet and her protocol because of its oxygenating properties which makes it the most suitable diet as a complementary therapy to treat some diseases.

3 mains factors

Budwig Diet and protocol, healthy nutrition for your life

Natural and Healthy Diet

A healthy and balanced diet is always very convenient for our wellbeing, but if we add elements to improve our body oxygenation, stimulate our immune system and other systems is even better to get very good results at many levels. 

Healthy Mind, Budwig Protocol

Healthy Mind

“Mens sana in corpore sano” which means, healthy mind in healthy body, it is essential to be possitive to get physical wellbeing. If we release tensions and stress, we can avoid depression, anxiety and other negative states afterwards which can be detrimental for our health in the long run.

Budwig Protocol, Exercise

Exercise and healthy life

Doing some work out is essential too and very important for our phycho-physical balance, that is our lifestyle. The sun, breathing pure air or going for walk in a country area or along the beach can be great factors that provide vitality, energy and a great wellbeing for our body and mind. 


  • Cancer and tumour diseases

  • Cardiovascular and heart diseases

  • Immune diseases

  • Arthritis

  • Menopause

  • Intestinal Inflammatory Diseases

  • Colesterol

  • Coeliac Diseases

  • Menstrual disorder and problems

  • Stomach Ulcers

  • Prostate and bladder problems

  • Depression

  • Skin Health


Previous things to be considered in relation to the Cream. Quark is available at the present all over the world, nevertheless, for those who are not able to find it, it can be substitute with cottage cheese or organic yogourt when chosen but it must be low fat one or preferably fat free.

Regarding milk, the one that is recommendable to use is goat milk instead of cow milk. Yogourt also is better if comes from goat milk.

For those lactose intolerant, there are dairy products lactose free.

For any of the recipes we have to use unpasteurized and unprocessed raw honey. Any other type of honey is not recommendable, contact a specilized shop in natural products.

See our video recipe – How to make the Budwig Muesli in 1 minute


Time of preparation:

From 5 to 10 minutes.


  • 1-2 table spoon of Flaxseed oil

  • 3 tablespoons of milk

  • 3,5 oz. or 100 gr. of quark, organic goat cottage cheese or yogourt.

  • 1 teaspoon of raw honey.

HOW TO MAKE FLAXSEED OIL CREAM (for 1 or 2 people)

  • First, mix the honey, milk and flaxseed oil, preferably with blender to an homogeneous mix.
  • Add little by little (spoon after spoon) quark, cottage cheese or yogourt depending of the ingredient chosen. Mix until it is creamy and free of lumps so there is no rest of oil without being properly mixed.
  • If the mix is too thick, you can add a little more of milk to get the desirable texture.

If you wish to improve the flavour of the cream, once it’s prepared, you can add pieces of fruit such as bananas in slices or cubes, lemon or orange juice or other types. We can also add walnuts, vanilla or cinnamon (always use natural or organic products).


Time of preparation:

From 5 to 10 minutes.


  • 1-2 table spoon of Flaxseed oil

  • 3 tablespoons of milk

  • 3,5 oz. or 100 gr. of quark, organic goat cottage cheese or yogourt.

  • 1 teaspoon of raw honey.

  • 2 tablespoons of milled flaxseed

  • 3 tablespoons of fruit pieces into cubes (use seasonal fruit from organic farming). You can add too pieces of wallnuts or almonds.

HOW TO MAKE FLAXSEED MUESLI (for 1 or 2 people)

Firstly we have to prepare the cream as explained in the previous recipe (FLAX OIL CREAM)

Once we have prepared the basic mixture we can prepare our muesli.

  • We need a big glass bowl which allows us to see what we are adding at all times.
  • Pour flaxseeds previously crushed at the bottom of the bowl and then add on it pieces of fruit.
  • Pour the cream and then add more pieces of fruit and nuts on demand.
  • Depending on the type of fruit chosen you can add or not more honey to sweeten our muesli.





These are the properties of the main elements of the cream and the muesli:

  • Milled Flaxseeds: These seeds have to be crushed right before the consumption to take advantage of the properties. These are rich in fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6, essential for cell respiration since they help the cell membrane work correctly.

  • Flaxseed Oil: Which not only can provide more fatty acids but also fresh lignans to stimulate cell detoxification and cleansing from toxins in healthy and tumour cells.

  • Quark or Cottage Cheese: A basic element that helps to penetrate the cell membrane so the active principles can get inside the cell and activate cell respiration function. Apart from that, cottage cheese for USA or quark for Northern Europe can be easily mixed with flaxseed oil and powder.

  • Milk: We have to use organic milk, preferably goat milk which is the one easier to be assimilated by the human body. Goat milk has anti-inflammatory properties and it is the most similar to human milk due to its chemical composition.

    We need to avoid, when possible, hormones and toxins which may exist in other types of milk such as cow milk for example. In cancer cases this is highly recommendable. In certain types of cancer, such as breast and prostate, it’s not recommendable the consumption of dairy products and soya milk, so that in that case you can use oat, almond or coconut milk.

    Oat, almond and coconut milk are also good options for those that want to lose weight since they have no too much fat. Even for those that are lactose intolerant, they can assimilate goat milk easier and it has more nutritional value. It contains good levels of calcium for bone-preserving. It’s also hypoallergenic and can stimulate our immune system, provide good nutrition and has low toxicity. In case of lactose intolerance, there are many brands without lactose in the market.

  • Yogurt: It applies the same mentioned above. In general term, it can regulate the intestinal flora and can reduce cholesterol. It also can prevent diarrhoea, protect the stomach against the bacteria Helicobacter Pylori and has a protective effect in the gastric mucous membrane. It can help in certain types of allergy and losing weight. It reduces the risk to have diabetes and vaginal infections. It’s a good source of vitamins and probiotics and helps to regenerate the skin and all the body in general.

  • Honey: Has multiple properties such as glucose regulation in blood, reduction of metabolic stress, brain function and sleep improvement, we can treat wounds, skin burns, ulcers and constipation, it can regulate the period and stimulate our immune system.

The Synergies achieved through these basic components in Budwig mix are properly proven through the last decades; because they can help our cells get the necessary energy for their processes. This is all thanks to its penetrating properties within tumour cells to restore its normality.

Naturally, diet and lifestyle are basic elements but not sufficient to treat a complex disease such as cancer, from the integrative point of view, we need to combine (integrate) this techniques with conventional and complementary medical treatments to achieve more durable and effective results in the long run.

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Many times following an strict diet can lead to certain nutritional imbalances and the Budwig diet when done this way can do that too. That’s pretty obvious because we can suffer from a lack of certain vitamins, aminoacids and enzymes. In same cases there is a contraindications or side effects since eating a lot of flaxseeds, crushed or in a form of oil can lead to bloating and/or constipation. For certain conditions is not recommendable medically to follow the Budwig diet, those cases are, nursing or pregnant women, people with hypoglucemia or diabetes (when sugar levels are too low) and other hormone related conditions.

Other non-nutritional aspects of the diet can be detrimental for some conditions, for instance, for those that have skin cancer, being exposure to the sun is not a good idea. For those with colorectal cancer, coffee enemas is not recommendable apart from leading to infections or electrolyte imbalances.

This diet cannot be followed without medical supervisión following the indications of the specialist in nutrition who must know the possible interactions with the particular case. This diet must be accompanied by food rich in vitamins B, C, E and other nutrients and antioxidants essential for our body.

Those clinics that recommend the use of coffee enemas must make sure that this treatment is compatible with the particular case so it’s not a risk for the patient’s health.


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