Oncological Clinic Biomedic and Mariposa Association, complementary treatments for cancer

oncological clinic biomedic, complementary treatments cancer

Presentation at the Archaeological Museum of Almeria on May 5 on complementary therapies and treatments for cancer

Biomedic Clinic was invited to deliver presentations about the therapies and treatments offered at their clinic, event organized by the association “Proyecto Mariposa” (Butterfly Project), devoted to raising awareness about complementary therapies and integrative medicine to treat cancer and giving assistance in relation of the emotional impact that represents every cancer diagnosis.

This event was held in the Archeological Museum of Almeria, the 5th of May. Dr. Eudoxia Lopez delivered her presentation about integrative and natural medicine as possible solutions to treat cancer in combination with conventional therapies. After her presentation, many questions were asked by the public and they were satisfied with clear and straightforward answers.

D. David López, the psychotherapist in Biomedic Clinic also presented the role of nutrition and psychology to treat cancer in combination with integrative treatments and conventional therapies.

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