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If you are considering receiving treatments for lung cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer o any other type of cancer or tumors in Spain, here you go the following information connecting our Integrative Programs for Cancer and tumor treatments which can be interesting for you: Spain has a marvelous climate, spectacular scenery and wonderful beaches, and concretely Costa del Sol is being one of the greater destinations for many tourists all over the world, many English, French, German and American people are choosing this place for their vacation as a great destination, and many others have a second home here to rest and retire.

The existence of highly qualified clinics for cancer treatment and affordable prices are reason why this destination is great for health treatment. Spanish people are known by the relaxed lifestyle and excellent food with our Mediterranean diet which includes olive oil, vegetables and fish that can provide long life and health. Thus our life span is up to 85 years for women and 79 years for men, which are the highest all over the world. WHO, in its yearly report in 2012, puts Spain in the highest ranking by its health level. Important advances were carried out in the last 20 years in health in Spain, and it did not take long for the international tourist to notice that. Spain is one of the favorite destination for health tourism in cosmetic surgery, dentistry, transplants or treatment related to fertility and reproduction. Statistics suggest that there is world market between 30-50 millions of people as health tourists representing approximately 10% of total tourism. One of the great advantages for health tourists in Spain is the affordable flight connection from UK and the whole Europe, alongside with the great offer for accommodation.

cancer center, Biomedic Clinic Spain

Many surgery clinics are located in the sunniest part of the Spanish coast and therefore the health tourist can take advantage of that plus. Yes, in fact, the warm and relaxing climate and environment helps a lot to recover after an operation. Spain has an excellent reputation in medical services, with highly qualified and experienced physicians developing their job in public and private hospital and centers.

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At our International Cancer Center, our approach helps you to know how to win the war against cancer or any tumor disease, in a reasonable period of time, implementing a multiple program of natural treatments. Day after day we deliver natural treatments to treat cancer and tumors at our clinic located in Costa del Sol in Southern Spain. You will benefit not only of this great climate and place, our sunny coast (with 325 days of sun a year) but also you will learn how to detoxify your body from all the waste accumulated for many years of chemical products and toxins in the liver, colon and lymphatic system.

Colon hydrotherapy is an important part of our treatments for lung, pancreas, stomach, breast cancer or any other type of tumors. hidrocolonics, foot Detox, lasertherapy, hyperthermia treatment are important parts in our programs (therapies depend on the condition of patient) and are included in our Integrative Anti-tumor Pograms.

We also offer efficient programs of emotional healing (Regressive therapy, Autogenic training, Hypnotherapy, Ho’ponopono and much more) which will help our patients to overcome traumatic past experiences to face current issues such as depression, phobias, anxiety, stress, etc. Training is part of the program to solve the possible psychosomatic causes of the tumor diseases.

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Consultation with Dr. Eudoxia Lopez M.D.and Dr. Isabel Tavira M.D, medical, Homeopathic and Naturopathic doctors. Please, bring photocopies of your medical history such as X-rays, scans, PET, blood work, if available etc).

Oncological Consultation: with the Specialist in Oncology Dr. Roberto Wolman to offer a second opinion about your case.

Bioresonance Tests to analyze the body frequency and send frequencies of health back to the body. Diagnostics with Oberon Bio Resonance Machine and Vega test device (measures the magnetic energy of all the basic organs of the body).

Oxygen therapy – with Oxiven machine, an infusion of oxygen to create an enriched oxygen environment against the tumour development.

Ozone therapy as a form of auto-hemotherapy in which your own blood is enriched with Ozone (03) outside the body and then it is reintroduced into the blood system.

Hyperthermia Treatment – Hyperthermia – localized hyperthermia under the supervision of Dr. Eudoxia López, M.D. We offer localized and Whole Body Hyperthermia: This therapy would be administered depending on your type of tumour and the preliminary tests. It creates an artificial fever and sends a special radio wave to the affected area.

Anti Parasite and Detoxification program like Foot Detox and others.

Biomagnetic Therapy using very strong magnets to neutralize disease-causing pathogens and pH balancing of the body. This system is known as the biomagnetic pair.

Heavy Metal detox formulas and programs

Budwig Diet and how follow the Budwig Protocol.

Laser Therapy (in most of the cases).

Infusions of Glutathione and other homeopathic formulas to drain the liver, lymph system and kidneys and enhance the immune system. You also will be administered with other homeopathic medicine to treat related disorders in your body including Fibromyalgia and other health issues.

Harmonization of the Subconscious Technique – sessions to reinforce a positive attitude in regaining your health as well dealing with past negative trauma, depression, stop smoking, controlling worry, weight control, phobias, etc). You have the option of learning this technique to continue at home.

Homeopathic and Phyto-therapeutic Enhanced granules – Everything in the universe vibrates at a frequency. Living creatures, plants, objects, everything has a frequency, even disease. Microorganisms (pathogens and microbes), including viruses, bacteria and fungi each have a specific vibration or signature to which they can be exposed, resulting in their ultimate death or deactivation. The Biomedic Center uses a combination of several phytotherapeutic, homeopathic formulas and food products that have been potentiated to an incredibly high frequency. For example Ultra Green Propolis with great anti-tumour effects.

Micro-Immunotherapy – with homeopathic medicines within a 6 months protocol. You will continue this protocol at home for the next six month which is included in this alternative natural tumour program.

Colon hydrotherapy – tumour patients are generally suffering from toxicity. All patients (except the very weak and those suffering from diverticulitis) receive a session of colonic irrigation. Several liters of water are gently pumped through the entire intestinal system under the guidance of an experienced therapist.

PAPIMI – MAGNETIC PULSED FIELDS for pain and tumour treatment at cell level. (daily treatment).

Magnetic Pulsed Fields to re-establish the right microelectricity at cell level.

Psychotherapy in two sessions: regression therapy (preliminary test for regression therapy), Autogenic Training, NLP, Psycho-Immunotherapy, Ho’ponopono, and Biodecoding Technique.


Our Cancer Center is a day-time clinic and we do not have our medical and regular staff working 24/7. Therefore we do not accept patients that are bedridden, very weak and in constant need of medical attention.

Terms and Conditions to apply:

Some changes are made based on your Health Report. For example if you have fluid retention (Ascites) or Cachexia (extreme weight loss) then different remedies would be prescribed. Also some other remedies would be changed for what is listed if our health care professionals who review the Health Report deem it necessary. Please use good judgement in not ordering this program if the recipient is in a very advanced poor state of health and may experience a rapid deterioration of health, need be hospitalized or could pass away at any moment. We are not equipped to accept this type of cases. In the case where the recipient is not able to use our services and come over to the clinic, we could accept a refund. For our clinical program, once you arrive at our clinic and have registered, all payments are final and non refundable.
Guarantee of desirable results: within our Integrative Programs, patients are informed that natural and conventional treatments do not represent an exact science and the efficiency cannot be 100% and therefore they cannot be guaranteed. They are not miracle treatments since they are subjected to technical limitations and are according to the patient’s biological response. Patient is all the time properly informed that the only purpose of these therapies and treatments is to improve ailments and delay the disease progression using all the possible technical, medical and human available resources.

The Biomedic Center reserves the right to change the program without advanced notice looking for the best interest of the patient.

According to what it is established in the Organic Law 15/1999 of Personal Data Protection, we inform you that all data provided is automated with the purpose of answering your queries.
If you need to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition you should address to the entity responsible for the file, Clinica Biomedic, s.l. with official address in Huescar St. 5, Galaxia Building 1st floor, Local 11, in Málaga, Spain and email: