At Biomedic Oncological Clinic, we have introduced therapies and techniques which are very innovative and effective, to treat a vast amount of illnesses, mostly for the treatment of tumors, chronic diseases and degenerative diseases.

Integrative medicine, natural cancer treatments, natural therapies

What is the objective of Biomedic Clinic, its complementary therapies, and what makes it an efficient clinic with optimal results?

Our immediate goal is to find out the causes and sources of the patient’s disease, once it has been located we structure a complex treatment divided between 5 points:


complementary therapies, analysis and tests


The main task for our team is to offer the most suitable treatment for every patient and detect the possible cause of their illness as accurately as possible.

Analysis and test

complementary therapies, natural medicine


Natural Medicine includes numerous therapies and the common denominator of all of them is that they use natural resources such as plant extracts and even mineral and animal sources.

Natural medicine

complementary therapies, integrative medicine


Integrative medicine combines conventional and complementary medicine. Integrative medicine can help to achieve better results in many types of diseases.

Integrative medicine

complementary therapies, psychotherapy


Having a mind balance is a key factor for optimal physiological and vital functions of the body. There are numerous techniques in psychotherapy to re-balance these emotional states and fix the psychological damages.


complementary therapies, cancer nutrition


Nutrition is a basic and important factor in patients who suffer from cancer and degenerative diseases. A bad nutrition can create many types of diseases and physical manifestations; the common consequence is anaemia but in the long run, those nutritional imbalances can lead to more serious illnesses.

Nutrition, Budwig Diet

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We look for the best therapy that can suit your case to give solutions to your health problem, keeping in mind your medical history, the test results provided and after a medical consultation with us, we will be able to set up the best therapeutic combination possible for your case.

If you wish a medical consultation, or clarify any question about our therapies and proceedings, do not hesitate to ask by filling our forms or calling, you can do it below.

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